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How Web3 leverages AI to solve real-world problems?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technological advancements, the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 has sparked an unprecedented ...

fraud websites

Government Blocks Over 100 Fraud Websites Exploiting Job Offers

The Indian government has made a significant move against organized cybercrime by blocking over 100 fraud websites involved in fraudulent ...

Data Regulations Compliance

In the realm of data protection, compliance is the floor, not the ceiling

In an exclusive interview with Robyn Wright, Chief Information Security & Data Privacy Officer at Wiley, a global knowledge company, ...

Gen AI

Survey reveals 92% of Indian organizations perceive GenAI tools as a potential security threat

In India, GenAI tools are prevalent, with 95% of organizations leveraging them, yet 92% perceive them as a security risk. ...

Sanjay Chowdhry

Building a digital legacy: Sanjay Chowdhry, CIO, Hamdard Laboratories (India)

In the realm of digital transformation, Sanjay Chowdhry stands as a key architect, steering the technological evolution at Hamdard Laboratories ...

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