Infosys Promotes Collaborative Work with "In-Person Collab" Weeks

Infosys introduces "In-Person Collab" weeks to enhance teamwork and innovation, driving business expansion and fostering a culture of collaboration and growth.

Punam Singh
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Infosys "In Person Collab" weeks

Infosys a global leader in IT services has introduced "In-Person Collab" weeks. This initiative is aimed at fostering collaborative work among its employees. The " In-Person Collab" Weeks initiative is part of Infosys' return to office policies which encourages employees involved in Engineering- Internet of Things (ENG-IoT) projects to transition to working from the office for a minimum of 10 days per month.


 This shift is designed to facilitate face-to-face interactions, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative problem-solving, and by emphasizing the importance of in-person collaboration, Infosys aims to leverage the collective expertise and creativity of its workforce to drive business expansion and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

 The remote working employees of the company are encouraged to schedule their return to the office and actively participate in collaborative activities at Infosys' development centers during the designated "In-Person Collab" weeks. This inclusive approach may ensure that all employees have the opportunity to contribute to collective brainstorming sessions, project discussions, and knowledge sharing, regardless of their location or work arrangement.

 While the exact number of employees participating in "In-Person Collab" Weeks has not been specified reports suggest that Infosys will allocate at least six weeks per quarter for this purpose.


 This dedicated time for in-person collaboration depicts the company's commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and teamwork essential for driving sustainable growth and success. In addition to promoting collaborative work practices, Infosys continues to explore strategic partnerships and initiatives that are aimed at advancing its business objectives and delivering value to its clients.

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