AICTE AURA Scheme Launched for Augmented Utilization of Research Assets

AICTE AURA Scheme 2024 promotes I-STEM utilization, offering up to INR 2 lakhs for researchers. The objective is to Enhance research culture, boost mobility, and advance knowledge.

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AICTE AURA Scheme 2024

The AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) has launched the AICTE AURA 2024 (Augmented Utilization of REsearch Assets 2024 Scheme) to promote the utilization of the Indian Science Technology Engineering Facilities Map (I-STEM). 


Through the AICTE AURA Scheme, financial assistance will be provided to full-time faculty and students of PG scholarships, ADF fellowship, and QIP scheme, including PG students who have not availed of PG scholarships. The researchers who are eligible under this scheme can receive up to INR 2 lakhs for utilizing types of equipment and facilities registered on the I-STEM portal.

What is the primary objective of the AICTE AURA scheme?

The scheme aims to upskill researchers in advanced methodologies and enlarge the pool of experienced researchers by fostering their publications, patents, and technical papers from AICTE-approved institutions. 


The outcomes of this scheme include

  • Utilization of public-funded R&D facilities
  • Establishment of a research culture in technical education institutions
  • Generation of new knowledge and technology

The scheme is expected to boost research and the mobility of researchers and identify new areas and competent researchers for further funding by other agencies. Overall, this scheme is anticipated to contribute to the advancement of research in India.


Who is eligible for the AICTE AURA scheme?

The participants eligible for the scheme include

  • Full-time faculty of AICTE-approved institutions 
  • Students of the PG Scholarship scheme/ ADF scheme/ QIP Scheme of AICTE

The duration of the project is two years, and each individual can avail of the scheme up to a maximum of two times in their career.

What are the performance indicators?

The performance indicators include the utilization of I-STEM infrastructure, the number of faculty and students funded, and the timely settlement of bills. A dedicated portal will be developed for the implementation and monitoring of the scheme facilitating the submission of reimbursement applications.



The AICTE AURA scheme stands as a significant step towards enhancing research utilization and fostering a culture of innovation and discovery in technical education institutions across India.

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