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JioFiber Prices Needs to be Brought Down to Retain, Gain Customers: Users

JioFiber plans were revealed earlier this month, and new and existing users seem to feel that the prices are ‘too high’ for the average Indian

JioFiber, commonly known prior to the 42nd Annual General Meeting as Jio DTH or Jio GigaFiber, was finally unveiled on a commercial basis earlier this month. However, much to consumers’ disappointment, the JioFiber plans have been priced at a much higher range than what was expected. The base pack that offers 150GB per month at 100MBPS costs Rs 699.

Furthermore, if users wish to experience all the attractive features such as VR experience, first-day first show movies and Television sets that Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Jio Chairman and Managing Director, announced the least consumers would have to pay is Rs 2499 per month, which is the Diamond pack. This seems to have upset several consumers who wrote to Dataquest stating how this plan would be ‘unaffordable’ for most Indian households. “Jio will have to reduce tariff and give free Jio DTH set-top box. A normal family can shell out not more than Rs 1000 per month. Especially with 18 percent GST. I do hope Jio does the needful otherwise I do not want JioFiber,” says Dev Singh Mall on DataQuest.

Also, several users have shed light on the fact that local players are providing a lot more data at a lot lesser. “In my Area ISP provide 25mbps speed at cost the cost of Rs 400 to 500 per month which is also a unlimited plan. It is over all good for middle class family and other too they can easily afford it. Who will pay Rs 2499?” says Suhail Shaik.

“For 2499, we could get a decent-speed(30-40 Mbps) unlimited internet connection, a Netflix subscription, an Amazon Prime subscription, a cable tv connection and still have about 50 bucks to spare,” says Mayank.

Users also pointed out the fact that 150GB would get used up quickly based on the rate of data consumption these days. “Very disappointed with the data limit of 100+50 for Bronze and 200GB + 200GB for Silver plans the other plans makes no sense to a household user. With speed of 100MBPS and 100GB limit a person who streams Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hotstar will consume 25GB per day and in 4 days you have hit the upper ceiling and in 2 days the extra 50GB is gone which is valid for 6 months. So the per month the streaming household uses 550GB and to get that you need to shell down 18000 PA which is way too expensive than say Act Fiber. Waiting to return and claim my Rs 4500,” says Srinivasa Mungala. Many more such comments can be read here.

Nevertheless, what seems to have upset users the most is the fact that they were expecting disruptive plans like that offered with Reliance Jio mobile services. “For Indian lower class and Lower middle class families there should be some affordable packages like Jio mobile network with same facilities,” says Kartik Chandra Rout.

Having said that, more clarity is awaited on what exactly will be offered with each plan and if consumers will have to pay more for cable TV services widely being called Jio DTH. However, what would you as consumers have to say about the current plans? Are they ‘too expensive’ as being stated by several users? Or would you not mind paying for the same as long as Reliance Jio offers all that was promised? Do let us know in the comment slot.

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44 responses to “JioFiber Prices Needs to be Brought Down to Retain, Gain Customers: Users”

  1. Vinayak Nagwekar says:

    I had paid preview deposit of ₹.2500/- assuming that the Jio Giga Fiber will charge customer reasonable monthly subscription. But I am totally disappointed to know the rates which are out of reach of common customer. I am thinking of asking refund of my deposit if rates are not reduced substantially.

  2. Chengappa C B says:

    I am a retiree with limited resources. There are many people like me who are all interested to buy JIOFIBRE but may not due to high price. Hope company will look into bring the price affordable to people like me.

  3. NAVIN Tiwari Adv says:

    The plans are unaffordable.

  4. Abhay says:

    Yes, it is much expensive than expected by their consumers and also jio disappointed their consumers with expensive plans… Jio has power to revolutionize
    in broadband sector also but it didn’t used it properly… Jio should think about millions of it’s consumers already using mobile internet has disappointed…

  5. Sunit Patil says:

    Every middle class homes in India were at a great expectations from jio fibre. As their jio mobile plans were liked from everyone. Jio fibre should have a plan around 1000 rs that includes dth,Broadband & ott applications then only jio will uphold their services greater than others. Or they can give their jio TV app for free as like mobile. This can be the best option & out can be charged extra

  6. Nathan says:

    The prices are bundled features like android box , VR , Video conference, IOT Etc. These are no use until one buy a specific hardware to experience which add cost . On top so called mentioned OTT apps also in box consumes the same provided FUP limit. Not sure if this right move by reliance.

    Currently local providers bumps up with offer Even 100 Mbps with 1.2TB fup @ 755 only . It’s 6 times better than JIO. Plan which also cheaper as jio plan are exclusive of GST which makes it 825 effective cost . While local providers with GST they are able to provide such cost.

  7. Sunit Patil says:

    If no dth then at least jio TV free for everyone

  8. Arijit swain says:

    Me and my lot of friends was interested to buy jio fiber but the package is so high than we think so we r still using our local internet . Jio makes us disapointment …. @ request to jio team plz reduces the price then we can get jio fiber …

  9. Deepak Bhati says:

    Plans are not affordable by common people. If number of people are more and plans are cheaper, profit will be more in comparison to less number of people with costlier plans

  10. Ajay Desai says:

    I do agree with the statment posted above, I too a retired person can not afford the new rates, at the time of booking, it was said that you will get internet, DTH and Landline @600/- per month and that is why I got my name registered. I also want to get refund if subcription rate is not reduced

  11. Amit says:

    Extremely high rates after adding gst 18% on 699 it will go 850 approx

  12. V Madhu Kumar says:

    Eagerly waited for jiogiga fiber, literally disappointed. With 1000/- through ACT ISP iam getting 500 gb with 100 mbpss peed and using Amazon firestick 4k with Netflix, Amazon, hotstar, zee5 and few live TV channels apps.
    Why I should switch to jio fiber tell me. Jio fiber failed to capture market due to senseless planning.

  13. Pradeep says:

    Jio fibre should offer also RS 400 pm plan for common people.atleast 200gb data..then they have choice to DTH TV content from other service provider

  14. Vasu. C. P says:

    I would like to share that the base amount of jiofiber is very high and it should be reduced to a affordable rate and then the customers will increase certainly. Please take urgent steps to implement the same.

  15. Vasu. C. P says:

    Pleaae reduce the base tariff rate to Rs500/pm. I have taken a connection of jio fiber in the name of my wife Sarojini.Please do the needful.

  16. A R Subrahmanyam says:

    The present price pattern left the public in a great disappointment. Large section already felt that the tariffs are not feasible. The company should reconsider to make the plans accessible to all sections in the society. Else R JIO FB may end in a fiasco.

  17. Sajjan Kumar Goyal says:

    Jio fiber should allow WiFi, DTH or free Jio TV in about Rs. 1000/- pm.

  18. Shakeel Ahmad says:

    These plans of jio fiber are very high, and lower/middle classes and retired are unable to afford, it will be better to go spectra network or other.

  19. martin shaw says:

    Jio broadband rates and services offered are a huge disappointment. All excitement is up in smokes. It is not affordable at all. Very few people will be able to afford it. As a result it may turn out to be a loss making venture. Will say no for these rates.

  20. martin shaw says:

    Jio fibre broadband is way too expensive. Will say no for these rates and services.

  21. Rajsekhar Rao says:

    jio broadband . I am trying to get atleast any of the broadband connection for past 5-6 month, none of the provider(including local broadbands) is willing to give a connection in my lane. I waited till 5th September as of huge trust, not even got a call from them.
    Being in a town I am ashamed to say such pathetic situation. In my colony there is no one who needs a broadband connection (lack of interest I guess), may be one of the reason I am not getting broadband.

  22. jayesh says:

    Atleast 1000GB should be provided with that speed in 700 rs
    big disappointment from JIO

  23. Manoj Kumar says:

    Earlier Jio announced that DTH ( SD) will be available for Rs 200/ pm & HD@300/pm but Rs699 is too much. If they provide DTH (SD) @300/-pm I am sure all Indians will join Jio DTH.

  24. Manoj Kumar says:

    Please provide DTH SD@300- 350/ pm. I am sure that every household in India will ask your network.

  25. Virendra Singh says:

    Terrible plans which make no sense for mass consumption. People expected TV channels, reasonably fast internet @50 to 100MBPS, and major OTT apps with unlimited data availability for not more than Rs 1000 pm. What jio team came out with is least exciting when better alternatives are available.

  26. Deepak Harchandani says:

    In this era of mobile phones no need of landlines.Too steep rate.less data.less speed it is never at 100mbps its 30 to 45 even less some time. Really disappointed with the offer.I think we should opt for refund.

  27. Pritul Shah says:

    Jio giga fibre is very very expensive as in the time of online contents available like Netflix, prime video, etc . It consumes heavy data of 25 to 30 gb per day for watching 5 to 6 hrs. I have taken a connection of jio giga and now I’m planning to shift my connection to a local player who will provide me 25 mb speed and unlimited data at just RS 375/- per month. The speed provided by jio giga after fup is very very slow.
    I suggest to jio giga team if they want to stay in market then will have to provide a minimum speed of 10mpbs after 100mbs speed data is over and also provide dth connection. So all the best jio giga teqm

  28. Jai Prakash Kain says:

    I would like to suggest JIO to come out with 50MBPS plan with 500 GB data per month for normal consumer, who generally use data for watching TV shows and OTT contents, this will increase the number of JIO FIBER consumer three times then what Jio is expecting now, else most of the present consumer will opt to get out of Jio Fiber, this will result in heavy revenue loss to Jio.

  29. Ayush Mathur says:

    Jio fibre has no distruptive plans in market it is costly and not affordable by most of the user in india
    100MBPS speed with just 100GB how useless this is also their plans are prepaid not including GST I think they sholuld remove FUP and provide unlimited data at lower price with jio tv DTH subscription included
    And who will pay 30k for 2 years in once for 24inch Hd tv it is available at 7k to10k online
    Jio should do think and change their plans to reach each & every customer in market otherwise JIOFIBRE is a flopshow
    Provide data unlimited with Tv subscription is all we need that is current indian market

  30. Vinod Kumar Singh says:

    Disappointed to hear high rates of jio Giga fibre

  31. Indumitra Bhardwaj says:

    Very true the pricing is not disruptive but Jio can still disrupt with its First Day First Show program by offering it to all users as announced by Mukesh Ambani in 42nd AGM.

    Reliance can allow film producers to release their movies on Jio platform and users can watch by paying Rs.50-300 and share part of revenue with producers. Film producers will be much happy as three forth films aren’t able to business of ever Rs. 5 crore in theatrical release.

  32. Devarajan says:

    I am using juga fiber under 4500 the speed is 50 Mbps only.even airtel is offering 499 monthly for unlimited voice and data.
    Jios fare is really too much than what we expect.
    There is a news that for tv channels we have to pay extra than the 699 rs.
    So it becomes rs 1000 pm average.
    Too much for ordinary people.
    Since voice calls are free on all network.
    Hii to consider to reduce the tariff.
    Devarajan coimbatore

  33. Sanjay K says:

    Totally disappointed with the tariff plans of Jio gigafiber. Will return to my previous service provider which is way much cheaper. Also there is no IPTV with the plans where people expected free TV on IPTV platform of Jio. Total miscalculation on part of Jio of the market pricing and average household spending on broadband and cable TV per month. If they don’t come out with the revised plans, this investment of Reliance is headed for disaster.

  34. Biswajit Paul says:


  35. S Banerjee says:

    I have taken the Jio fibre plan and in lessthan a month consumed 400gb og data. My Local ISP had provided me a plan for ₹ 500 with unlimited data and from that angle I regret to have switched to Jio.

  36. RAEES RAJPOOT says:


  37. Abhay Garg says:

    JIO is not providing TV services and left them to LCO with whom people already have a issue . There is no point in taking internet and landline from them at this cost .

  38. Satya says:

    Jio needs to provide UNLIMITED DATA PLANS say with 50mbps, 75mbps or 100mbps speed, only then will they be able to capture the market else they will be an also ran company and will always be lagging behind.

  39. Atul kumar says:

    Please reduce ….price of base pack….and increase data limi from 100 gb to at least 300gb per month…and provide dth service which…should notconsume data from 100 gb pack….thankyou sir

  40. Digish says:

    The package prices are exorbitantly high. Local provider offers unlimited data at 500rs per month. Jio should drop the prices otherwise people will opt out of the service.

  41. Venkatarao Gali says:

    I am switching to other providers. They are so cheap

  42. Rakesh says:

    Internet is much cheaper co oared to gigafibre pack… no tv vhannels.. just voice calls and internet is provided at a cheaper price… planning to return to airtel… dissapointed with jio.

  43. Rakesh says:

    Features are good but too expensive compared to other compitators. We switched to jio because of less price and features but now planning to switch back

  44. Monish says:

    I recently switched from my local ISP who provided 10MBPS for ₹707/- incl GST that too unlimited to Jio Fiber bronze plan, because on the website it stated 200GB + 50GB but it no where stated on that page that its actually 100GB + 100GB(double data offer for first three recharge) +50GB(6 months)
    So I thought I would get 250GB every month and got that installed with heavy ₹1000/- installation fee….
    And am now repenting I left the Old ISP because since two months the internet was fluctuating and they couldn’t even find out what the problem was
    I believe the Jio should increase the data cap of bronze from 100GB to 200GB and respectively in other plans…..
    Also without any use it consumes so much data

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