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JioFiber Prices Needs to be Brought Down to Retain, Gain Customers: Users

JioFiber plans were revealed earlier this month, and new and existing users seem to feel that the prices are ‘too high’ for the average Indian

JioFiber, commonly known prior to the 42nd Annual General Meeting as Jio DTH or Jio GigaFiber, was finally unveiled on a commercial basis earlier this month. However, much to consumers’ disappointment, the JioFiber plans have been priced at a much higher range than what was expected. The base pack that offers 150GB per month at 100MBPS costs Rs 699.

Furthermore, if users wish to experience all the attractive features such as VR experience, first-day first show movies and Television sets that Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Jio Chairman and Managing Director, announced the least consumers would have to pay is Rs 2499 per month, which is the Diamond pack. This seems to have upset several consumers who wrote to Dataquest stating how this plan would be ‘unaffordable’ for most Indian households. “Jio will have to reduce tariff and give free Jio DTH set-top box. A normal family can shell out not more than Rs 1000 per month. Especially with 18 percent GST. I do hope Jio does the needful otherwise I do not want JioFiber,” says Dev Singh Mall on DataQuest.

Also, several users have shed light on the fact that local players are providing a lot more data at a lot lesser. “In my Area ISP provide 25mbps speed at cost the cost of Rs 400 to 500 per month which is also a unlimited plan. It is over all good for middle class family and other too they can easily afford it. Who will pay Rs 2499?” says Suhail Shaik.

“For 2499, we could get a decent-speed(30-40 Mbps) unlimited internet connection, a Netflix subscription, an Amazon Prime subscription, a cable tv connection and still have about 50 bucks to spare,” says Mayank.

Users also pointed out the fact that 150GB would get used up quickly based on the rate of data consumption these days. “Very disappointed with the data limit of 100+50 for Bronze and 200GB + 200GB for Silver plans the other plans makes no sense to a household user. With speed of 100MBPS and 100GB limit a person who streams Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hotstar will consume 25GB per day and in 4 days you have hit the upper ceiling and in 2 days the extra 50GB is gone which is valid for 6 months. So the per month the streaming household uses 550GB and to get that you need to shell down 18000 PA which is way too expensive than say Act Fiber. Waiting to return and claim my Rs 4500,” says Srinivasa Mungala. Many more such comments can be read here.

Nevertheless, what seems to have upset users the most is the fact that they were expecting disruptive plans like that offered with Reliance Jio mobile services. “For Indian lower class and Lower middle class families there should be some affordable packages like Jio mobile network with same facilities,” says Kartik Chandra Rout.

Having said that, more clarity is awaited on what exactly will be offered with each plan and if consumers will have to pay more for cable TV services widely being called Jio DTH. However, what would you as consumers have to say about the current plans? Are they ‘too expensive’ as being stated by several users? Or would you not mind paying for the same as long as Reliance Jio offers all that was promised? Do let us know in the comment slot.

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