JioFiber Plans: Why Diamond Plan May be the Best Option Available for Indian Households

Of all the JioFiber Plans that are available the Diamond plan may be the best and most economic option available for Indian households

Ever since the JioFiber plans, earlier known widely as Jio DTH or Jio GigaFiber, have been unveiled, there has been a constant discussion around the higher than expected prices. Based on the conversations taking place on social media, and the comments received on various consumer discussion portals, it seems like several people are disappointed with the current JioFiber plans.

“Dear Ambani, do not lose the trust of the consumer, your Jio plan was hit and people started believing in you, but Jio Giga Fiber plan is a complete mess,” says a viewer on DataQuest. “Hope in future or within the next 2-3 months Jio will either modify the price rate or add on new services in the base or existing plans,” says another viewer.

However, there has been no other official announcement from Reliance Jio after the JioFiber plans were announced. Nevertheless,  if consumers were to go by the current plans, the Diamond plan may be the best option available as of now.

The Best JioFiber Plan Available as of Now that Could Offer Jio DTH Services

In the 42 Annual General Meeting, Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Jio Chairman and Managing Director, announced various features that grabbed the attention of millions of consumers; however, once the pricing was revealed, consumers realized that not all of those features were available for all the plans. If the current plans are to be seen, the Diamond plan seems to be the most economical one that offers all the attractive features that come along with JioFiber, which are as follows:

  1. High speeds of up to 500MBPS.
  2. 1500GB of monthly data.
  3. VR headsets called Jio Holoboard that offer a mixed reality theatre-like experience.
  4. First-day First-show movies from mid 2020 onwards and special sports content for free.
  5. Annual subscription of all OTT apps.
  6. 24 inch HD TV with annual plans or Jio Welcome Offer.
  7. IPTV services could be available for this plan; however, more clarity on the same is awaited.
  8. Monthly rental of Rs 2499 or annual plan of Rs 29,988 that Indian households may be able to afford.

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44 responses to “JioFiber Plans: Why Diamond Plan May be the Best Option Available for Indian Households”

  1. V K SANTHANAM says:

    Not a well analysed article. With costs going down for connectivity recommendation should be to reduce cost and increase features

  2. Jaichand Wani says:

    Go jump into river

  3. Chaluva Raj says:

    Foolish plan

  4. Chaluva Raj says:

    No one will select this plan. This is absolutely foolish plan

  5. Prashant says:

    Who can afford Monthly rental of Rs 2499 in household is it possible for middle class also

    • Anon says:

      True brother. But if people want TV, VR headsets and first day first show then is this too much ?

      • Gourav Patra says:

        Bro india has a majority of middle class people
        Who just cannot afford that except some “baap ke bigde launde ”
        my local isp provide unlimited data plan@590 per month @50mbps
        Which is great
        And also if i have to pay 3000per month for jio fiber for a years money at once
        I can easily get a mi 4k tv 43″ @1500per mont emi
        Plus 590 per month broadband
        Plus i already have a hd set top box
        Plus i can buy a cpu @500 per moth emi
        Thn who need that i can get much more than that in less than the total amount
        Really whats the point for that reconnect 24″hd ready tv thn
        And for vr box i can buy it @300 only

  6. Tarun says:

    Local providers are offering unlimited data for less than 1000 rupees in several towns and cities.

  7. Chamarulal Agrawal says:

    I am resident of Sonepur odisha in Subarnapur district but still now Jio Giga fiber didn’t launched it’s services.We have booked connections but Jiogigafiber has not responded nor replied. We want jiogigafiber service immediately.
    One cable operator says it has tied up with Jio but not supplied with instrument and infrastructure.
    We ask the jiogigafiber to provide connection service immediately

  8. R D says:

    This scheme is awesome. No need of diamond plan. Just go with gold plan.

  9. DEV SINGH MALL says:

    Jio will have to reduce tariff and give free dth set top box. A normal family can shell out not more than rs 1000 per month
    Especially with 18 percent gst..I do hope jio does the needful otherwise I do not want jio fiber.

  10. SUHAIL SHAIKH says:

    In my Area ISP provide 25mbps speed at cost the cost of 400/- to 500/- per month which is also a unlimited is over all good for middle class family and other too they can easliy afford it…

    who will pay 2499/- ? in which we get limited ussage of GB ,so i think jio data plan is total waste of money and making fool to peoples…

  11. Satish Bendigiri says:

    Who has got time to watch FDFS and VR experience and other things? Have you now a patience to watch 2 hour movie? Or time for that matter? And about 2500 Rs. monthly? This is ridiculous. Ambanis idea is to make the future generations couch potato and obese. Don’t buy it except for a basic plan.

  12. B says:

    It seems the writer lives in stone walls cut off from any knowledge of basic economics. Either that or its a paid article.

    • Supriya R says:

      Hi, first of all, this is not a paid article. The article speaks of a plan so it may seem like a promotion but if you read the entire piece you will see that it also has comments that state that JioFiber pLans are too expensive. secondly, nobody is promoting this plan or asking users to take it, the article just states that this could be the most economical plans of all the JioFiber plans that are available. Thirdly, if you can name a player who is offering data, vr headsets, television sets, set-top boxes, gateways at the same price, kindly bring it to everyone’s notice so that a comparison story can be put out.

  13. Sandy says:

    Good information thanks a lot 😊😊

  14. Xyz says:

    We won’t die if we don’t watch a first day first show, it’s too much for a middle class people to spend 2499/month. Seriously the worst plan ever heard…

  15. Ekambaram says:

    Cheating the public by big buildup. I was waiting jio. Now i changed my mind and going to continue with the existing network. Thanks Big boss.

  16. Kartik Chandra Rout says:

    For Indian lower class and Lowe middle class families there should be some affordable packages like jio mobile network with same facilities.

  17. Kanwardeep Singh Brar says:

    This is without ‘TAX’… If this is jio and people were expecting this kind of plan within 2000 rupees

  18. Manish Chauhan says:

    There should be plans available without LEDs as well.. So it comes into everyone’s reach..

  19. Shahid says:

    Well it’s a big flop…. Will have to get the refund of both the two routers… Prices are too high for such a little data

  20. Chandan Netra says:

    Sorry how diamond plan is best if it cost 2500 rupees per month, how a household customer can afford for this. While giving trial pack to customer, jio promised that it will be providing broadband and TV both but they have not kept their promise. Jio fibre will be flop plan. You have to wait for sometimes if jio comes with some add on like TV in base plan then I am sure it will be on top of the every service provider.

  21. E M Anujan says:

    Not worth. High monthly rental may not work. How many could afford and who has the time to utilise the offered package fully. Unless they reduce monthly tariff, Jio may not get subscribers, as they believe.

  22. mayank says:

    for 2499, we could get a decent-speed(30-40 Mbps) unlimited internet connection, a Netflix subscription, an Amazon Prime subscription, a cable tv connection and still have about 50 bucks to spare….

  23. Bulu says:

    If the cost I in between 100 to 200 indian rupees then jio can survive .but those want more fasility and options then can pay more and more …

  24. Srinivas Munagala says:

    Very disappointed with the data limit of 100+50 for Bronze and 200GB + 200GB for Silver plans the other plans makes no sense to a house hold user. With speed of 100 MBPS and 100 GB limit a person who streams Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hotstar will consume 25 GB per day and in 4 days you have hit the upper ceiling and in 2 days the extra 50 GB is gone which is valid for 6 months. So the per month the streaming household uses 550 GB and to get that you need to shell down 18000 PA which is way too expensive than say Act Fiber. Waiting to return and claim my Rs 4500/-

  25. Kailash Kumar Jha says:

    Anything less than unlimited is waste 😢😢😢😢

  26. Kailash Kumar Jha says:

    Anything less than unlimited data is of no use.
    All the other providors are giving unlimited at much compitive price.
    Jio should think and do the needful

  27. Raminder Pal Singh says:

    There is no hope the jio service will be continued in India bcz this is over the top cable networking
    When fibre wire is cut all network flop show

  28. Dipak Sheth says:

    This is very high price and people not expecting to afford this high range of plan. I am planning to return both routrt and land line. I dont need land line and i dont need router and i need only cable tv which cost 300 Rs max then why should i pay 2400 pm diamond plan If all this in 400 Rs pm unlimited including all then its ok other wise i can not afford

  29. Vsreddy says:

    Great disappointment after taking 2500 no one is looking back people started talking nagative .pl take care wehave great hopes

  30. Tushar Dudhat says:

    Mr. Ambani, Price starting with basic plans upto highest one was really not expected by anyone, if someone is getting unlimited surfing over 25-30 mbps speed, why he will move with Jio. Diamond plan is also on higher side for anyone. Revision is required by your expert team otherwise it will repeat as RCom

  31. Siva Prasad Petla says:

    I have a 100 GB plan for 699/ monthly.
    The entire GB is exhausted within 3-4 days time.
    even without seeing any streaming videos etc
    Don’t know how it consumes.

  32. Renganathan V says:

    It is a great disappointment in Coimbatore. When we approached, Jio personnel are unable to explain their plans. They suggest to take Jio net initially and Fibre will be added later for Bronze plan. What abt the charges for Jio net which they proposed to install?. Atleast a trial pack could have been done. Great Expectation, Great Disappointment.

  33. kunal says:

    When compared to Airtel’s 300 Mbps plan, this plan is very bad in terms of bandwidth allowance and price. I was so eagerly waiting for JioFiber but all excitement went down the drain. It is not even able to beat Airtel’s current 100Mbps plan with higher bandwidth. Why would I even bother switching over?

  34. Dipak Sheth says:

    Jio plan is too costly need to revise for the below average customers. This is a high profile plan introduced.

  35. Shiv Garg says:

    Jio will soon lose its hard earned clientage, it has disappointed the Jio users to to its high prices

  36. Ramesh says:

    This offers are only for person who has no work as the working class has no time to watch Ott content and play games and chat, this will not only make our future generations lazy but will make them jobless, everything is said about first day first show, how many has time to watch and also how many times, unlimited data and with lower price have spoiled our day to day living habits, data should be used for necessary and important work, but India today is the highest consumer for data but most of it is used for useless work,

  37. A Ghosh says:

    This is what you call cheap price? We had high expectations from jio. I was even considering to leave my curren ISP to get Jio fiber but not anymkre after seeing the prices. My ISP provides 100Mbps Unlimited at 1000Rs P. M. AND 600 Rs for 65Mbps whivh is also unlimited. And Jio doesn’t even provide unlimited data plans. Decrease the prices or we cant afford jio fiber which was most awaited. Thanks.

  38. Breeze says:

    Jio gigafiber is a big flop before it’s starts. I get unlimited plan with 50 Mbps speed at about Rs. 400 to Rs. 500 with local operator. Why Jio then?

  39. Dinesh Narayan says:

    Jio fibre appears to be in a state of flux. There seems to be confounding confusion about the offer. Whilst expectations run high, delay in execution will erode consumer interest. In a price driven market, value for money needs to be pocket friendly. To attract volumes the target buyer would be in the range of 700 to 900 rupees.

  40. Biswajit Paul says:

    Very good post.

  41. Kanav Kundra says:

    JIO Fibre is a fraud..It is offering false and fraud diamond anc platinum plans with 500 mb and 1GB plan with actual speed of 150-180 Mb per second.

    it is misleading consumers

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