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JioFiber Plans: Services that are Not Included in Base Plans

JioFiber Plans begin from Rs 699 and go all the way up to Rs 8,499 per month, and users have to option to opt for annual plans as well

Ever since the JioFiber plans, earlier known as Jio DTH or Jio GigaFiber, have been announced, the buzz around the same has been at an all-time high. Although the prices may be more than what consumers were expecting, that has not stopped them from constantly enquiring about which JioFiber plan suits them the best.

Nonetheless, it could be an uphill task for JioFiber to acquire new subscribers as existing players like ACT Fibernet and BSNL are already offering a lot more data in their base plans. Furthermore, as per a report unveiled by CRISIL, JioFiber’s existing tariffs are unlikely to shake things up the way they did in wireless telecom. Apart from the price point, some of the other reasons for that could be as follows:

JioFiber Plans do not Include Jio DTH services?

According to a few reports, JioFiber plans do not include DTH services and consumers would have to pay extra to their local cable operators to enjoy watching TV channels in their homes. Reliance Jio has neither confirmed nor denied this report so far, and more clarity on the same is awaited.

No First-day First-Show Movies for Bronze, Silver and Gold JioFiber Plans

One of the announcements that consumers most excited during the 42nd Annual General Meeting of Reliance Jio was that they could watch First-day First-Show Movies from the comfort of their homes. However, according to the Reliance Jio website, this feature is only included for Diamond, Platinum and Titanium plans that cost Rs 2499, Rs 3999 and Rs 8499, per month respectively. The same goes for special sports content as well.

No Virtual Reality Headsets for Base JioFiber Plans

The mixed reality headsets or Jio Holoboard that promises theatre-like experience are included only in the for Diamond, Platinum and Titanium plans again and consumers of the base plan may need to pay more for these services.

1GBPS Internet Speed

Consumers who wish to enjoy speeds of up to 1GBPS need to opt for either the Platinum Plan or the Titanium Plan. Plans lower than that provide speeds of 100MBPS up to 500MBPS.

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37 responses to “JioFiber Plans: Services that are Not Included in Base Plans”

  1. Shirish dixit says:

    Jio sunset would be it was only a trap set by Jio.

  2. Shirish dixit says:

    Just to collect the current data of indian consumers by the name of Jio registration while Jio didn’t disclose their services are available or not on that particular location.

  3. Vijay Junagade says:

    At least Mukesh Ambani,we consumers expect to give TV with hd channels as promised earlier through set top box as a combo pack at reasonable rates so as not to compel members choosing jiofiber services to migrate to some honest service provider
    This will be a tragic consequences and with a feeling
    of being cheated

  4. Jina says:

    Hope in future or with in next 2-3 month jio will either modify the price rate or add on new services in base or existing plans. That would be better, and bsnl has upgrade and benefits plans if compared with jio base plan so mean while if jio wants to stand on market, will have to change a lot According to user interest.

  5. Random user says:

    The reaction in Ambani’s photo was exactly the way I reacted after reading the title…. 😛

  6. Rj says:

    Jio ka dabba gol ho jayega ye bhi cheating karne par utar aaya hai

  7. padala karunakar rao says:

    .mukesh want to control markets people dont need broad band they only need d8sh with 4 k price is very high 700 maximum people will not come forward at this price for 250 to 300 people will

  8. S M says:

    Jio giga fiber is a total failure. Since August 2018, Jio has no clue what they want to do and have not kept any of plans implemented. Jio struggling to implement what is only a fiction.

  9. Ankur says:

    Jio will offer free IPTV service but it will come only with plans above gold only. Since the data being used from your plan only.

    Jio to introduce 3 setup boxes for different plans.. The cheaper one won’t support IPTV service since thst plan doesn’t include much data and you need a cable TV input from den or other partner..

    The other setup box support jio tv.. Which will be IPTV service and available to customer for free..

  10. Sudhir says:

    Jio fiber make us fool but we didn’t who need 100mbps speed there are 20 Mbps is best for indian market in 100 Mbps speed your pack is quickly exit try it

  11. Prakash says:

    Jio Chandan wadi ka intazar mein hoon. Kab ayega?


    If TV Services are not include as promised earlier this Giga fiber services are waste.

  13. Avijit Chatterjee says:

    Jio a total failure in West Bengal in telecom sector in so far internet speed is concerned. When they launched Jio sim,the internet speed was awesome. Gradually it started slowing down and today it is abysmally slow. The same thing will happen with Jio fibre. As more and more customers join,the speed will gradually slow down and then it will be drastically slow. Interestingly,the company even doesn’t pay heed to customers grievances. I have lost total faith in Jio and in no mood to get Jio fibre.

  14. Vinod S Chauhan says:

    Dear Ambani, do not lose trust of consumer, your jio plan was hit and people were start believing on you, but jio giga fiber plan is a complete mess. Too much confusion and greed of more profit will definitely give option to the consumer to move to the other operators.
    I still believe that your team is working for any good formula, I am just advising use your trusted formula as you did in jio plan.
    Consumers are more interested to see TV with your network but if cost is high then your competitors will enjoy.

  15. Puneet Mehandru says:

    100mbps is a fallacy Jio fibre connection does not give more than 25 Mbps speed. Worst part is company does not respond to this complaint at all

  16. Rohit says:

    We r apply for a connection they take a registration fees on 3 sp till date we cannot get a connection now I am hunting the jio they cannot reply .some time they tell us that box is not available. I think jio make a fool of the people

    • Sateesh Kumar says:

      They won’t give connection and your money, I also had same experience till now I didn’t get money or connection 32 days over. Donot buy jio

  17. Sateesh Kumar says:

    Don’t trust jio, they won’t refund money of sequrity deposit. No proper response to customer

  18. Sateesh Kumar says:

    One month over of canceled and submitted router but money didn’t refund, telling no1 in India but take 32 days to refund money, jio doesn’t care for customer

  19. M S Negi says:

    You are very right . those are actually making fool of as . after depositing the security amount they will not take care . and wili advise you to forget about services and amount .

  20. Kk says:

    JBased on Jo fiber plans declared on Sep 5 , if Jio fiber thinks they want to shake the Indian broadband market like Jio mobile then it’s a super flop!!
    If they want to rule the market then they just keep the broadband plans independent (from DTH, landline, OTT services, VOD, etc ) with simple pricing & enough data limits with quality service as below:
    1. Zero security deposit & zero installation charges; if anyone wants wifi1gbps router pay rent/buy from Jio or outside.
    2. All Plans includes GST: Bronze plan-50 mbps-400gb-₹500; Silver plan-100mbps-1000gb-₹800; gold plan-200 mbps-1.5Tb-₹1500; Diamond plan-500 mbps-2Tb-₹2000; Platinum plan-750mbps-2.5Tb-₹3000; Titanium plan-1gbps-3Tb-₹4000;

  21. Bhupendra Prasad Sinha says:

    I request to jio Gigafiber team, you please include jio tv in your Gigafiber plan.we are interested to view all Jio tv channels from jio set-up box.

  22. Sagar Verma says:

    Jio had very enticing offers but now almost everyone know that Jio has worst customer support and services.Here in UP Jio speed is very low and customer support does not resolved anyone’s problem . Finally I can move towards another service provider .Jio had lost faith of its customers.

  23. Ashwin says:

    Sss jio network is slow .and 1st he told dat he will give set top box free and 1st day 1st show and and 4k tv .now not giving..y he gave false statements

  24. Gourav Patra says:

    Jio have to offer a higher fup more than 500gb on their bas plan otherwise i will move to alliance network that will give me unlimited data @25mbps enough to run 4k on my both tv also its ping is 11ms that is much less than jio fiber which is 83ms at my location wich is very poorfor gaming

  25. UShA rani says:

    Very bad service,dont opet jio connection,low speed

  26. Manotosh says:

    Last 2 days left, I install jio fibre , only security deposit rs 2500/-, and 3 month free, no set box provide, 1st day speed was do good but yesterday after 7pm total down

  27. Manotosh says:


  28. Dibyendu Mukherjee says:

    Very poor service, I am using Jiofiber, speed not at all acceptable. Mobile data is better than jiofiber!!
    Not recommended, in present situations.

    Customer service also very poor, not at all supportive. Really hopeless.

  29. Satish says:

    Jio is very worst service, their mobile is number one worst handset in the world. Their network speed is reducing day by day. Many customers are coming out from jio. Finally my opinion is jio is waste.

  30. Biswajit Paul says:

    Very good information. I like the post.
    I hope this helps the readers

  31. Rohit says:

    If you buy Jio TV, extra you have to pay to cable operator/Tatasky or any one. So another 15-20k u hv to pay. That will be too much for common/middle class people. It is not cheap at all.

  32. Rohit Mehta says:

    If you buy Jio TV, extra you have to pay to cable operator/Tatasky or any one. So another 15-20k u hv to pay. That will be too much for common/middle class people. It is not cheap at all.

  33. Avinash says:

    Currently I am using Excitel in Delhi and paying Rs.820 (sometimes it comes down to Rs.600 due to offer plan) for 50 Mbps, without any FUP unlimited. I m getting a ping around 5-10ms which is good.

    What can I expect from ISP like jio as they are already filled with tons of customers, and even not listening to their requests. Firstly they said they will give Set up box along with Jio fiber but now they are neither approving nor denying, However they might have included this in Platinum or any upper grade plan ,But I think its of no use. As one can opt directly for set up box separately.

    Airtel is providing web based series platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime with their connection.

    Jio is charging even for the installation in the name of security deposit. Wtf is security deposit. I am quite sure no one is going to be benefitted from this as long as its customers base will grow.

    Irony is that I am struggling with Jio to post this comment. XD

  34. Ganesh.S says:

    Trying to contact jio giga fibre help desk to complain about snapping of jio cables by electricity department at Prakasam street, Vijayalakshmipuram, Ambattur, Chennai 600053. Toll free number gives only about promotional package, and call to the customer care person gives alternate number. No one is taking the complaint.
    Very poor customer care

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