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Jio GigaFiber, Jio DTH First Day First Show Movies: Viewers Question PVR, INOX about ‘Overpriced’ Food Items

Jio GigaFiber, Jio DTH services, as it is known among general public, will offer movies on a first day and first show basis from September 2020 onwards

Jio GigaFiber or Jio DTH service as it is widely known was finally unveiled on a commercial basis earlier this month. Much to the users’ delight, Reliance chairman and managing director has promised Jio DTH or Jio Fiber users various exciting features at affordable prices. However, a certain offer announced at the 42nd Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries Limited seems to have stirred up a debate.

Users of Jio DTH or Jio Set Top Box will, from September 2020 onwards, be able to watch movies on a first day first show basis from the comfort of their homes. To make the viewer experience better, Jio 4K LED TV will also be provided for free to users. While several users are hailing this move by Reliance Jio, which undoubtedly will disrupt the market, PVR, INOX and other multiplex owners voiced their concern about their businesses bearing the brunt of this move.

While PVR spoke about how theatrical release window has been a valuable model for exhibitors and producers, INOX issued a statement saying “The producer of the film is the owner of the creative content and is therefore entitled to choose the platform for distribution and consumption of his content. However, in view of this mutually agreed exclusive theatrical window, he would have to choose between theatrical exhibition or release on any other platform, since release on both simultaneously would breach the mutually agreed exclusive theatrical window.”

Jio DTH First day First Show

Furthermore, the official account of AndhraBoxOffice has tweeted saying “PVR Releases Statement on #JioFDFS Plans. Expect the Multiplex Bodies to fiercely oppose and Refuse to exhibit any movies which are available on Digital Medium from Day 1.”

Nevertheless, after these statements were issued, several users have commented that the first day first show feature being offered by Jio DTH will be preferred as multiplexes tend to “overprice” the food items. “That’s great revolution in Indian cinema. We always have to spend on heavy ticket rates and all food stuff. Thanks to Reliance and Ambani family for getting all the facilities in one connection,” wrote a viewer Anil Koshti to DataQuest.

“Any service providers should give best services at affordable cost. But certain category of business people invest money and loot ROI from all corners. As rightly said, Parking, Eatables, etc. are more than Ticket cost. Ultimate sufferers are public only. We always welcome new technology with affordable cost like Jio,” says another viewer.


Several movie goers seem to have the same opinion on Twitter as well. “To give ‘unmatched movie experience’, you must first reduce ridiculous price you charge for Popcorn, and other items,” tweets Arjun.

“Even if a few days exclusivity is allowed, most people will prefer to wait for Jio home release of movie and watch on their home LED TV ordering from Swiggy. Goodbye pepsi popcorn combos costing INR 499,” says another user on Twitter.


Users also believe that this service, which will be made available by Jio DTH or Jio Set Top Box, will give rise to various benefits. “1. Cost of multiplexes movie tickets will reduce. 2. Food cost at multiplexes will reduce. 3. Ticket availability and more discount offers for watching movies at multiplex. 4. Reduction in Piracy – as movies will be easily available on Jio Set top box. Why would one watch pirated version when somebody next door or you yourself have access to legitimate Jio set top box. 5. Affordable combination of broadband + landline + Cable + Movies,” says Sumit on DataQuest.

That said, the debate on this issue is far from over and is expected to escalate when the first day first show feature comes close to getting unveiled on Jio DTH. Having said that, what do you have to say about this issue? Is the move announced by Reliance Jio unfair to multiplexes? Or do you look forward to the service being unveiled by Jio Fiber or Jio DTH? Do let us know your views in the comment section.

12 responses to “Jio GigaFiber, Jio DTH First Day First Show Movies: Viewers Question PVR, INOX about ‘Overpriced’ Food Items”

  1. Sunee says:

    I hardly been to theatres. 4-5 times in my 33 years. I hated the fact of shelling 400-1000/1500 for a seat + staggering food cost. This theatres were looting Indians and people readily agreed. JioFibre a great move and does business for people, unlike multiplexes Looting people.

  2. Ashit Aggarwal says:

    It’s a great move by reliance jio and ambani family..All theatres and multiplexes looted the general public, the popcorn, pepsi and parking chsrges are far more expensive than a movie ticket.we should welcome the new revolution.

  3. Subho Nag says:

    I think this is wrong it will create Monopoly and will hamper the economy in whole. Equal opportunity should be given to all players in this segment for over all development and specially to pull up the one in the lower end of the ladder of this segment that is the cable operators. This will wipe them out of the market entirely and there are near about 20 to 25 lack cable operators in the country. The multiplexes can make the cost of food items and parking at affordable for ease of common people. But giving everything in one hand is seer destruction.

  4. Vinod Kumar says:

    Reliance is bed company in all products.
    Reliance independent tv
    Reliance jio
    Reliance network
    Reliance mobile
    Totally reliance products are bed

  5. Aayush says:

    You are right. But reliance has broken that monotony and made every service affordable. Even data plans and phone calls were so expensive before jio came in. As soon as Jio came, everything became cheap. Why weren’t operators taking this step earlier? Reason Jio works is because they finish competition, but their end users are benefiting

  6. V s vadlamani says:

    The multiplexes are fleecing us by way of popcorn carparking etc.Even other items are sold way above their MRP.
    The Civic authorities concerned are not doing much about it.
    So it’s obvious that money is changing hands to keep them quiet.
    Now that jio has come up with this pathbreaking offer the multiplexes will start reducing their prices.
    Competition brings out the best out of everybody and ultimately the end user is the winner.

  7. Bimal Kumar Das says:

    Mr. Ambani is a person who made all the decisions which are unbelievable and unexpected as well. If we will look at the past he was the first business person who thought of making the call rates and data rates down. So he took a great step which blown everyone exmp( Airtel, Idea, Bsnl,Vodafone etc. etc. etc) Finally to sustain in the market they followed Reliance rules.
    So ultimately people of India experienced something very new at that point of time. Hopefully this step will be the second opportunity to those people, who cannot afford to go for movies in all the weekends, now this will be a better option for them also I would like to congratulate those people who can’t go for movies because of some reasons like, they have a small kid so that they don’t prefer to go to the movie theaters or those house wives those who are busy with the grand parents who are in the beds or in the whee chair so that they can’t leave them alone at homes , in this case I would like to thank Mr.Ambani because of him people like above mentioned can be able to watch a new movie at home in their TV. We all should appreciate the step took by Mr. Ambani and widely we should support for this.

    • Anupama Murthy R says:

      You have spoken for all us housewives who are unable to step out due to small kids. Even if we do, we are given eyes at the theatre because our kids create a ruckus. This service is a boon for us.

  8. F J J says:

    Textiles Industry made a loud noise as Reliance Industries entered the scene. Petrochemical Industry too made a loud noise and the Oil Sector too don’t forget Cracker and Chemicals too. Now add Mobile Communications to this list. Latest DTH and Movies.
    Late Dhirubhai Ambani had a dream to ensure the not so well to do in both urban and rural India must benefit as much as possible using updated technology and upgraded methods and it is unfortunate that Anil the second son could not but keep to the dream and followed the usual pattern of every one else
    Change is a huge factor, Perseverance and Endurance is another factor, and Mukesh has been able to fulfill the dream of his late Father and don’t forget Education is another sector to see Reliance foray in through the Gigafibre combination and it will be the tablet in the hand’s of the students from Kindergarten to PhD not the usual satchel
    Late Dhirubhai Ambani followed the dream pattern set by the older late Jamshedji TATA and that of Mahatma Gandhi thus Gigafibre combination means foray into Telemedicines thus reaching the doctor to the patient and surgery through teleconferencing thus avoiding travel cost of the overseas surgeon and the patient having to travel overseas
    Quite confident the grandchildren of Late Dhirubhai Ambani will tread the same path and this includes both the brother’s or son’s of the late sicion
    It is for those already in the fray to keep pace with change and change is never a monopoly for change is universal and don’t the Indians in Google or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and it is time the divide of Asian and European and African and American stops the colour White Black and Yellow stop the communal divide and the religious divide stop and the word immigrants removed from the dictionary and thesaurus and language
    CHANGE FOR BETTER HUMAN LIFE IS EXPECTED and today’s below age 18 year’s and the new born is bound to usher it in and all exiting have to and has to adapt

  9. Indumitra Bhardwaj says:

    Unlike Netflix creating library of films, the Jio does not need make huge investments it can offer movies to directly viewers at a small amount like INR 50 – INR 300 in a limited time-frame viewing just like YouTube premium does. The small budget movie producers will be happy as they will get some advance revenue from theatrical distribution and remaining on revenue sharing from Jio as per success of the film. The players in promotion and advertisement of movies will also in better position to monetize as this Jio plan is going to hit the piracy of films in a hard way. Viewers will also be happy as they can watch latest movies in HD (instead of poor quality pirated) in a reasonable amount. A family can easily save 2-3 thousand bucks of theatrical viewing however generation X couples likely continue to watch movies at multiplexes.

  10. Tech Ji says:

    Very nice offer read this article

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