Jio GigaFiber, Jio DTH Promises First Day First Show Movies, PVR Issues Statement

Jio GigaFiber and Jio DTH services were launched commercially in Reliance Industries Limited’s 42ndAnnual General Meeting held earlier this week

The highly anticipated Jio GigaFiber (Jio Fiber) and Jio DTH (Jio Set Top Box) services were finally launched commercially earlier this week at RIL’s 42ndAnnual General Meeting (AGM). While the news seems to have brought about joy amongst existing and future consumers of the Jio Fiber services, it may have unnerved various other players in the industry.

While competitors have begun to offer their services at lower rates to retain their customers, PVR Cinemas has issued a statement that indicates a concern towards the theatres’ business. Jio DTH or Jio Set Top Box will provide its users access to movies on a first day first show basis from mid 2020 onwards.


PVR Cinemas has issued the following statement on this latest development: “For decades, theatrical release window has been a valuable model for exhibitors and producers alike. In India and globally, producers have respected the release windows and kept a sacrosanct gap between the theatrical release date & the date of release on all other platforms, i.e. DVD, DTH, TV, OTT etc. Cinemas continue bringing people together to share a communal experience, this unreplaceable element which is at the core of theatrical experience, continues to deliver a robust box office performance not just in growing market such as India but also in the more matured markets such as USA, China, Europe etc. where Cinemas have regularly competed with many similar initiatives, e.g. Netflix Original Movies etc.”

While there is no word from Reliance Jio on this statement, more clarity on the matter can be expected when this service comes close to getting unveiled.

What Jio DTH or Jio Fiber Services are Offering for Customers

While this is just one offering from the Jio DTH or Jio Fiber services, Reliance has also promised various other attractive features such as cable TV services to be relayed with the help of existing local cable operators, multi-player and social gaming with anyone from anywhere across the world, Jio Holoboard mixed reality headsets, Jio Fiber will be priced between Rs 700 and 10,000 per month, voice calls will be absolutely free, unlimited international calling pack at Rs 500, 4K LED TV and a 4K set top box for free, and so on. The services will be available from 5 September 2019 onwards, said Reliance Industries’ chairman and managing director Mukesh Ambani.

19 responses to “Jio GigaFiber, Jio DTH Promises First Day First Show Movies, PVR Issues Statement”

  1. Indian says:

    You guys should have realized this before making movie goers scapegoats. You sell foods and drinks for gold price, parking price. Free Drinking water is always kept beside/before washrooms. Sometimes we don’t want to eat your junk, but you force us to buy it.

  2. Arun says:

    My concern with this is it will give rise to piracy. Blackhats will record movie on mobile phone and upload online. In theatre it is not so easy to do that

  3. Mayank Kaushik says:

    When PVR loot people by maximizing price of eatables then they dont show concern towards common people, this is bound to happen as every business has its peak and low now multiplexes business model is going to take shift. Lfor sure there ahould be competitive world and changing definition and rule is totally legal. Now the only eait to see it happen..
    It will be totally game changer and it can turn jio business multi fold with same set up.

  4. JAMES BOND says:

    Movie theatres deserve such treatment, abnormal prices from food to parking, in the end if u don’t innovate & adapt , one will be out of business

  5. Nasim says:

    RIL we are with you… Ball hit for sixer😆😆

  6. Shiva says:

    Bhai aabhi free me deneke bareme kah raha hee badme jio sim ki jaise hi calls continuously 3days recharge nahi karvaye to bandh karega Or abhi free ka zasha de rahahe 😂

  7. Anil Koshti says:

    That’s great revolution in Indian cinema. We always have to spend on heavy ticket rates and all food stuff. Thanks to reliance and Ambani family for getting all the facilities in one connection.

  8. PREM Sunder says:

    Theatre owners deserve no sympathy. Besides the dual ticket system they fleece in purchase of food items.

  9. Faf says:

    I don’t think watching at home can beat theatre experience. So pvr inox should not be scared. But pirated versions will increase. So how reliance will tackle this problem

  10. Kathiravan says:

    Any service providers should give best services at affordable cost. But certain category of business people invest money and loot ROI from all corners.
    As rightly said, Parking, Eatables, etc.. are more than Ticket cost. Ultimate sufferers are public only.
    We always welcome new technology with affordable cost like Jio.

  11. VASANTH says:

    I support jio DTH
    Let PVR. find their own way in pricing

  12. Pratyus kumar Pradhan says:

    This is a very good step taken by Reliance. This helps a lot for rural people where theatres are not available. Good job Jio.

  13. My blog says:

    I don’t think watching at home can beat theatre experience. So pvr inox should not be scared. But pirated versions will increase. So how reliance will tackle this problem

  14. Girish Kumar says:

    Why stop A New Idea. Let the Theatres think about this and come with a Customer friendly Economical way to entertain including Food and Parking. Jio need to take precautions in piracy. Else this idea makes the customer a King.

  15. Sumit says:

    There will be many benefits:
    1. Cost of multiplexes movie tickets will reduce
    2. Food cost at multiplexes will reduce
    3. Ticket availability and more discount offers for watching movies at multiplex.
    4. Reduction in Piracy – as movies will be easily available on Jio Set top box. Why would one watch pirated version when somebody next door or you yourself have access to legitimate Jio set top box.
    5. Affordable combination of broadband + landline + Cable + Movies.

    However it is not clarified if the Cable charges are included in the 700/- they are charging or it will be separate.

  16. Dups says:

    No problem Dear PVR. Start food selling business with premium rates for normal bakery items.

    We are waiting for that day to come.

  17. Niti says:

    Woah!!! The anger against surge pricing of food items is widespread!! I thought it was only me..

  18. dr ashish wadhave says:

    When cinemax pvr looted business from single screen theater, they not considered there business loss.. Also they looted common man by pathetic pricing of food items…. Karma what’s goes around comes around

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