Microsoft Launched Copilot + PCs with Exclusive AI Features

Microsoft launched Copilot + PCs, a new category of AI-integrated personal computers. These advanced devices feature exclusive AI capabilities like Recall, Co-create, Windows Studio Effects, and Live Captions with Translation.

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Microsoft Launched Copilot + PCs

Microsoft recently launched a new category of personal computers with integrated AI features. They named it “Copilot + PC”. These PCs are designed to integrate artificial intelligence capabilities directly into the devices. As these Copilot + PCs are equipped with AI hardware and support for AI features across the operating system, I will allow the system to handle more artificial intelligence tasks without relying on cloud data centers.


Exclusive AI features of Copilot + PCs

  • Recall

This particular feature acts as a snapshot tool for users that can remember work as you go by capturing snapshots of applications and screens to help you find lost information or files.

  • Co-create

Co-create is an AI imaging tool that enhances your art as you draw by offering various levels of “imagination” to upgrade your drawings. It will enhance the art piece by adding shadows or reflections, transforming hand-drawn images into artistic renditions.

  • Windows Studio Effects

It is a webcam filter set that allows you to blur backgrounds or add special effects to any program using your camera. This feature is similar to what we see in Nvidia Broadcast or XSplit Vcam.

  • Live Captions with Translation

It is a tool to provide enhanced Live Captions that can be translated live. Microsoft has somewhere tried to surpass OpenAI’s latest GPT- 4o update in live vocal translation with this feature.


These exclusive features along with the other recent updates like the Copilot AI assistant, dedicated Copilot key on the keyboard, and the integration of AI models within Windows 11 make Copilot + PCs stand out as advanced AI-ready devices designed to enhance productivity and creativity.

Key Points to Know about Microsoft’s AI PCs

  • The new Copilot + PCs are currently only available on laptops from major manufacturers like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and Microsoft’s Surface line.
  • These AI PCs are powered by Qualcomm chips, specifically the Snapdragon X Elite and XPlus system-on-chips which enable advanced AI capabilities while ensuring longer battery life.
  • Copilot + PCs have built-in AI capabilities powered by a neural processing unit (NPU) that can deliver up to 40+ TOPS (trillion operations per second) of AI performance.
  • To be considered a Copilot + PC, a device must have at least 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and an NPU capable of 40 TOPS.


Microsoft’s launch of Copilot + PCs represents a significant move towards the integration of AI directly into personal computing devices to provide users with enhanced AI-driven features and capabilities.

With the launch, Microsoft expects significant adoption of these AI PCs, with projections of 50 million units to be sold over the next year.

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