Microsoft Copilot is Now Available to All Windows Users: Look at its Features

Microsoft has expanded the accessibility of its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, Copilot to all Windows 11 and Windows 10 users.

Punam Singh
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Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft has expanded the accessibility of its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, Copilot to all Windows 11 and Windows 10 users. With this Microsoft Copilot is brought to a broader user base and it's exciting to see if it’s just another AI tool that will fade into obscurity or if it does offer some tangible benefits to users.


What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered assistant designed to seamlessly integrate into Windows computers, while effectively replacing its predecessor, Cortana. The recent months have witnessed how Microsoft has been delving into AI features through a partnership with OpenAI for ChatGPT and DALL-E, depicting its commitment towards advancing AI capabilities.

What are the key features of Microsoft Copilot?

  • Performing a Variety of Tasks:  Performing tasks is one of Copilot’s core functionalities that lies in its ability to respond to user queries and facilitate actions within Windows 11. The tasks include changing settings, summarizing queries, or opening relevant applications. With these users can conveniently access Copilot on the taskbar or by using the shortcut Win + C for quick and easy navigation.
  • Summarize Open Browser Tabs: For those users who struggle with multiple open browser tabs, Copilot proves to be a handy tool. It can seamlessly summarize lengthy articles or pages, and allow users to quickly grasp the essence of the content without navigating through each tab individually.
  • Editing Pictures: Copilot extends its utility to basic image editing. Users can utilize the AI assistant to perform tasks such as background removal or blurring using portrait mode. The process involves simple steps like dragging and dropping the image of choice and instructing the Copilot to make desired changes.
  • Generate Images: Copilot can build on the capabilities of DALLE-3 and generate images based on user prompts. Similar to Bing Chat, this feature adds a creative dimension to the AI assistant, allowing users to experiment with image generation seamlessly.


Microsoft Copilot demonstrates practical utility in enhancing the user experience on Windows 11 and Windows 10. Copilot showcases the potential of AI in enriching everyday computing experiences, from performing routine tasks to simplifying content consumption and even assisting in creative tasks.


As Microsoft continues to invest in AI technologies, Copilot stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and user-centric advancements. Windows users are encouraged to explore the capabilities of Copilot as it emerges as a valuable addition to the evolving landscape of AI-powered assistants.