Microsoft Copilot for Security to Launch Globally on 1st April

Microsoft Copilot for Security is set to launch on 1st April. Introduces powerful new features, including custom promptbooks, knowledge base integrations, multi-language support, and more.

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Microsoft Copilot for Security

Microsoft Copilot for Security is set to launch worldwide on 1st April 2024. Generative AI drives this advanced solution and it promises to support security operations by enabling professionals to detect threats more efficiently, enhance team expertise, and respond swiftly to cyber challenges.


Copilot utilizes vast data and threat intelligence and draws insights from over 78 trillion security signals processed daily by Microsoft. Its integration with large language models ensures tailored insights and actionable guidance, empowering its users to safeguard their environments at the speed and scale of AI.

What is new in Microsoft Copilot for Security?

Microsoft Copilot for Security is being introduced with several new capabilities that are aimed at enhancing security operations and empowering security professionals. The new features include:

  • Custom Promptbooks: Copilot users will be able to create and save their series of natural language prompts for common security workstreams and tasks, providing greater flexibility and customization in their security workflows.
  •  Knowledge Base Integrations: This feature allows users to integrate Copilot for Security with their business context, enabling them to search and query over their proprietary content. This integration enhances decision-making by providing access to relevant information within the Copilot environment.
  •  Multi-Language Support: Copilot can now process prompts and respond in eight different languages, with 25 languages supported in the interface. This multilingual capability ensures seamless communication and collaboration across global teams, irrespective of language barriers.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Copilot for Security offers integrations with global partners who are actively developing integrations and services, expanding its functionality and interoperability with other security solutions.
  • Connect to External Attack Surface: Users can now connect to their curated external attack surface from Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management. This feature enables organizations to identify and analyze the most up-to-date information on their external attack surface risks, enhancing their overall security posture.
  •  Microsoft Entra Audit Logs: Users can gain additional insight for security investigations or IT issue analysis through audit logs related to specific users or events, summarized in natural language. This capability enhances visibility and helps organizations respond effectively to security incidents.
  • Usage Reporting:  Copilot for Security provides dashboard insights on how teams use the platform, enabling organizations to identify opportunities for optimization and maximize the value derived from Copilot.

These new capabilities further enhance the effectiveness and versatility of Microsoft Copilot for Security, empowering organizations to strengthen their security posture and respond effectively to cyber threats.

Additionally, in a move towards democratizing access to advanced security tools, Microsoft has also introduced a pay-as-you-go licensing model for Copilot for Security. This flexible approach ensures accessibility to organizations of all sizes, allowing them to scale usage and costs according to their specific needs and budgets.


Copilot promises to cater to diverse geographical and linguistic requirements with global availability and support for multiple languages. Furthermore, a robust ecosystem of over 100 partners enhances its functionality, providing comprehensive support and services.

The launch of Microsoft Copilot for Security represents a significant milestone in the realm of cybersecurity. With its innovative capabilities and industry-leading AI, Copilot equips security professionals with the tools they need to navigate the evolving threat landscape and safeguard digital environments effectively.

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