CIOs need to work smartly about running DCs and cloud: Oracle

Oracle customers wanted a partner program that assures them of having the right benchmark, and they moved on to OPN 2020 -- build, sell and services tracks

Pradeep Chakraborty
New Update

It is well known that Oracle is at the heart of customer’s data strategy. Chek Yang Ang, Head of Alliances & Channels, Technology & Cloud Platform, ASIA for Oracle, commented: "As we progressed over the last five years, customers are looking for a good platform to consume innovation at a faster pace. They need to get analytics and simple manageability on data."


What exactly was the role of the partner? The channel partner has moved to a modular, scaled-down economy. That pulled along services in different way.

Earlier, partners were interested in finding out about the cloud economy. Now, they are investing in Oracle in taking care of their customers. The suite of products are ERP and financials, HCI products, CX3 products, marketing cloud, etc. The partner now wants to move on to the next level. A lot of our Apac partners are going global. The focus gave them profitability.

The shift started about two years ago. For a partner program, Oracle went to the end customer. What is it that they need from our partners? They also want a partner program that assures them of having the right benchmark. Moving to OPN 2020, we came up with a simple model or tracks-- build, sell and services tracks.


Chek added: "A lot of ISVs are moving on to the cloud. They need universal credit for the cloud machine. There are people building IP on our sell track. Customers look for a competitive edge in working with a cloud partner. It uses best-of-breed technologies. These customers are the crowd resellers.

"The Services track is the most important. The partner is the end point to say: how fast customers use a service, and see business outcomes, and when is the renewal coming? We take care of all of our partners.

"We have a list of all the top partners in India, about 2,000. They need to be fitted into one of the tracks. Phase 1 will have our key partners, about 10. The approach is very targeted. In the Asia Pacific, India has the largest base of ecosystem partners serving Apac, EMAE and US/NA. The system only comes live on Dec. 1., 2019."


Partners are not compelled to move to the new platform, unless their previous duration expires. Oracle has an OPN partner portal. There is always communication with the partner ecosystem. In OPN 2020, the partner managers look at the lists. They also understand their own core business.

Branding is using calm shades of colors. The redwood tree is a significant representation of Oracle. This pictorial of being down-to-earth makes Oracle look at the collaborative, multi-cloud environments. Eg., Oracle is with Microsoft Azure. It wants to have the humility to work with everyone. The roots go down very deep.

CIOs need to work smartly about how to run DCs and cloud. Very critical data will still remain on premise. CIOs find it interesting, as they can connect with Oracle data centers.


Chandra Muthuswamy, MD of OneGlobe Systems llp, said: “We at OneGlobe, the Global partner of the year for Oracle Autonomous database, are very proud of being the first cloud platform partner with live Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (OADW) at Oracle's Mumbai Data Center (DC). Our customer, a technology leader in the banking industry is glad that the data residency issues are addressed to a large extent with migrating OADW to Mumbai DC.

"In addition, they are also experiencing considerable improvements in performance. We are seeing a significant momentum and demand for Oracle Cloud in India in Autonomous Data Warehouse, Analytics and other cloud platform services. OneGlobe is working actively with Oracle and is assisting many customers in moving their workloads to Oracle Cloud.”

“Tech Mahindra has had a very successful partnership with Oracle for over two decades. With Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud region now in India, we’re looking forward to leverage Oracle Cloud to empower customers to successfully transform into digital-first businesses. Our latest innovation using Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud, Aviation Record Management is a solution that creates a trusted value chain for stakeholders in the aviation ecosystem with features like real-time visibility of aircraft operations, validating the authenticity of spare parts, revenue leakage control and effective predictive maintenance,” noted Sesh Parigi, Global Head - Oracle Service Line, Tech Mahindra.