Oracle at heart of customer’s data strategy

Oracle organized a one-day conference in Mumbai to discuss cloud and the various challenges associated. Delivering the inaugural address, Shailender Kumar, regional MD, Oracle India, said: “We are at the heart of our customer’s data strategy. Oracle helps businesses solve their biggest challenges. We foster innovation and accelerate critical processes. Everything starts from the right sort of data. Enterprises keep seeing new challenges.”

The Oracle Autonomous Database is self driving, securing and repairing.

He added: “We eliminate the human angle. Autonomy hides complexity and eliminates errors. It eliminates human errors and labor, and manual tuning. The hardware becomes fault tolerant, and so does software. Cyber threats are taken care of by the system itself. The Oracle Autonomous Linux makes the OS secure as well.”

The Oracle Cloud is designed for enterprise networks. It gives superior performance, superior economics. enterprise expertise, an open ecosystem and security first. Eg., Bajaj Finserv has a robust IT architecture. Oracle has linked with Microsoft and also VMware. Next year. it will have 36 different data centers and be one of the largest providers of data centers.

He concluded: “We had a project with Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog. We discussed what can be done with some of the districts in India? We looked at the districts, captured the change, and told them their progress. Today, every line of business needs data.”

Data architecture dilemma
Trithankara Lahiti, senior VP and Data and In-Memory Technologies, Oracle, started with the key question: what is the data architecture dilemma?

Oracle Database powers the world economy. He said: “We manage petabyte warehouses, real-time financial trading, etc. Today, we are in the cloud era. where there are engineered systems, containers. etc.”

The Internet era brought new and extreme requirements. Cloud changes everything! The key transformation is lightweight microservices. Single DB architecture sometimes could not meet cloud scale requirements. The cloud era saw single-purpose DBs re-appear. Oracle DB has evolved far beyond a traditional relational DBMS. Cloud is a place of change.

As for the data architecture dilemma – is there a need for a single-purpose DB or converged DB? Single-purpose DB takes us back to the past. Each one is unique, and requires different skills. Consistency is difficult, and so is backup. There is complex integration of analytics.

Eg.,  Amazon has different data stores for OLTP and analytics. It is hard to be real-time and consistent. He added: “We can converge OLTP and analytics with DB in-memory. Can a converged DB ever scale like single-purpose DB? Well, it can! There is scalability for Oracle DB. Exadata is the ultimate scale-out DB platform. Shardy is a hyperscale DB arcjitecture. Shard makes Oracle DB hyperscale. We run US Dept of Homeland Security, NYSE, SK Telecom, etc.”

Oracle DB ranks first for all OPDBMS use cases. Gartner gave Oracle no. 1 ranking. JSON support in Oracle surpasses Document DBs/ The ML in Oracle surpasses the AI specialists. Oracle DB is meant for converged microservices.
Converged DB multi-tenant allows maximum flexibility for microservices. An autonomous database is the ultimate converged platform. It can detect and report failures in advance. Specialized DBs are new.

Oracle recently launched the new Gen 2 Cloud region in India. Customers have welcomed the most advanced cloud infrastructure platform to India.


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