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Oracle’s holistic AI/ML strategy resonates with businesses

Oracle has a holistic AI/ML strategy, embedding intelligence at every layer of the cloud. According to Oracle, AI/Ml is resonating more with businesses.

AI has come of age
Why AI/Ml is resonating more with businesses? Andrew Sutherland, SVP Technology, Oracle EMEA and JAPAC, said there is a lot of focus on AI.

He said: “We were a multi-discliplinary team. We worked in speech recognition. Rules were written. We digitised data and gave it to computers. We did learning of patterns. That was the beginning of AI in the form of machine learning. The key was the amount of data. The more data, the more accurate was the speech recognition. AI has come of age. You start constructing a lot of new rules. The machine learns from the data presented.”

Oracle has capabilities in data. Fraud detection is an example. Patterns can be fed in for movements within buildings of people. You can discover relationships. You can also optimize decisions based on past data.

Security is fundamental in AI/ML. Security is about rigor, being vigilant, etc. Every day, thousands of decisions are being made. These can be even better made by ML. This is fundamental. It is embedded and also automating better decision making for enterprises. All apps have decisions within them, and those can be actively advised. Even small organizations can get good decision-making advice. It can also help in ERP and SCM, etc.

ML will drive the next wave of efficient and productivity. Cloud ERP and autonomous DB are very important for Oracle. These are getting embedding into business applications.

Coming to India, Sutherland said: “In India, ML and AI is disruptive. Its very important about how businesses organize themselves. India’s response has been strong. Its early days, still! Its all about knowing where to begin. Banking is always hungry, as also manufacturing. The question to ask is: Where am I likely to see early success? The reason for hesitancy is: it’s the reverse elsewhere! Regulations are established well, in many places. They will disrupt businesses, which may cause difficulties.”

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