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Punam Singh

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Navigating the future: Comprehensive look at semiconductor industry predictions for 2024

Semiconductors have emerged as one of the crucial components that underpin modern-day society owing to their presence in products we ...


Communication, connectivity, and networking technologies that will transform businesses in 2024

The way business is conducted is undergoing a revolution due to digital technology. We are on the verge of entering ...


PIWOT Cultivating Innovation, Technology, and Collaboration for Tomorrow’s World

"Thought Leaders, Innovators, and Industry Titans Gather to Forge the Future at PanIIT Conference" The PIWOT Conference 2023 marks a ...


Qualcomm and ISRO Announce Move to Boost NavIC Adoption for Mobile and IoT Solutions

In a significant stride towards advancing India's space technology, Qualcomm Technologies and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have announced that ...

Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

Narendra Modi Announces Global Partnership AI Summit 2023, Responsible Development and Use of AI to be Focal Point

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India has extended an invitation through a LinkedIn post to the global community for the ...

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