Zomato Jobs: Employees Who Can Work 24 Hours with No Work-life Balance Can Apply

Zomato Jobs have been announced, but the co-founder has been under fire for stating in the post that employees need to work for 24 hours

Preeti Anand
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After laying off roughly 3% of its workers, popular food delivery app Zomato is looking for various professionals. The co-founder and CEO of the company Deepinder Goyal recently stated in a LinkedIn post that their are over 800 Zomato Jobs available, but one of the job requirements piqued our interest.


Who is Eligible for Zomato Jobs?

The Zomato co-founder advised the candidate to disregard work-life balance for one of the positions. Goyal is looking for the CEO's position of Chief of Staff, and he expects the applicant to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"As Chief of Staff to one of our CEOs (Zomato, Blinklt, Hyperpure), you will be a force multiplier and a mini-CEO for the company. "You will push broad goals throughout the enterprise to affect outcomes and maintain momentum," Goyal said in his article. "This is a 24-hour job, and the typical employee perspective of "work-life balance" will not work," the Zomato creator said in a blog post.


Zomato is looking for over 800 roles, such as product managers, engineers, and growth managers. “Hello there - Zomato has about 800 positions vacant across these five roles. Please let them know if you know somebody who would be a good fit for any of these jobs,” said Goyal in the post on the Zomato jobs.

This particular post has earned a lot of criticism, and is being widely discussed as a healthy work life balance is essential for employees to give their best performance. Several netizens are of the view that it was highly unfair to expect employees to give up on their family in order to be eligible for Zomato jobs. Goyal also responded to the post saying there was no surety against being fired.

About Zomato

Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, who worked for Bain & Company, established Zomato as FoodieBay in 2008. The website began as a platform for restaurant listings and recommendations. They rebranded the firm Zomato in 2010 since they weren't sure if they'd "simply stick to food" and also to avoid a possible naming issue with eBay.

It extended to Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad in 2011. It expanded its overseas operations in numerous countries in 2012, including the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Qatar, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and South Africa. In 2013, the company expanded to New Zealand, Turkey, Brazil, and Indonesia, with websites and applications in Turkish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and English. It debuted in Portugal in April 2014, followed by debuts in Canada, Lebanon, and Ireland in 2015.