Zomato Invites Applications for 800 Vacancies, Here’s Who Can Apply

Deepinder Goyal, founder and CEO, Zomato has announced that the company is looking to hire for as many as 800 roles. There are 5 profiles for which employees are being hired at present, and this decision was announced on LinkedIN by Goyal. “Hello everyone – we have about 800 positions open across these 5 roles at Zomato. If you happen to know someone really good for any of these roles, please tag them on this thread. To express interest in knowing more about any of these roles, please email me at deepinder@zomato.com, me and/or my team will be prompt in responding to you and closing the loop either way,” he said.

What are the Zomato Job Vacancies Available at Present?

The company is looking to hire for the following 5 profiles at present, for which interested candidates may reply either on the LinkedIN thread or drop their resumes at the email address mentioned:

Chief of staff to CEO: As the Chief of Staff to the CEOs of Zomato, Blinkit, or Hyperpure, employees will be nothing less than a force multiplier and a mini-CEO for the organisation. The employee will be entrusted with driving large priorities across the organisation to influence outcomes and maintain momentum.

Generalist: As a generalist, the employees will work closely with the leadership of Zomato. Those selected will have the opportunity to define and execute the core strategy of food delivery business and eventually own a function.

Growth manager: In this role employees will have to work with a portfolio of Zomato’s restaurant partners and work towards creating a healthy long term food delivery ecosystem in India.

Product owner: Under this profile, employees will need to find simple solutions to complex problems, and create large scale impact to millions of customers using Zomato products and services. 

Software development engineer II/III: Those looking to create more than just a code may apply for these positions says the company.

Is there a Surety Against Layoffs for These Positions?

With concerns of a looming recession, and the tech winter setting in, employees across sectors and roles are worried about being laid off. This is also leading to people questioning if there is any job role that is recession proof or if there is any company that is providing surety against layoffs. Deepinder Goyal, however, is of the view that there never is surety against any layoffs. 

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