WorkFusion and NEC Partner to Bring AI-driven RPA to Global Markets

The deployment of WorkFusion's AI-driven RPA automated a range of manual processes that were too challenging for NMP's existing work process management

WorkFusion, the leading intelligent automation and robotic process automation (RPA) software company, and NEC Corp., a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies, announced a partnership to bring artificial intelligence-driven RPA to global markets.

With demand for automation and intelligence growing at an increasingly rapid pace in Japan, specifically, this partnership will enable an unprecedented adoption and deployment of AI-driven RPA throughout the region.

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In April 2019, Japan began implementing work style reform legislation, designed to improve the productivity and well-being of workers. To adapt to this change and address the needs of a highly-skilled workforce, many organizations are exploring automation and AI to minimize the burden of repetitive work on employees and allow them to focus on value-added projects and initiatives.

WorkFusion collaborated with NEC Management Partner (NMP), NEC’s shared services organization, to develop expert cognitive bots that address specific finance and accounting processes that are unique to Japan.

The deployment of WorkFusion’s AI-driven RPA automated a range of manual processes that were too challenging for NMP’s existing work process management. This was accomplished by using WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud software to implement business tasks in cooperation with NMP staff, which enabled the software’s machine learning to become familiar with a wide range of tasks. As a result, the software became able to independently carry out more tasks, which promoted the enhancement of productivity and customer service.

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