Twitter Fires 200 Employees, Fired Employee Shares Cryptic Post About Elon Musk

Twitter has reportedly sacked 200 more employees, and product managers, data scientists, and engineers have been fired this time

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Twitter has once again fired over 200 employees, and the headcount of the company is now down to 2500 from the 7500 it was when Elon Musk took over. According to a report by the New York Times, sources with knowledge on the matter have confirmed that the popular social media platform’s workforce is down by an additional ten percent.


In addition to this, the company also reportedly made it difficult for employees to communicate with each other by suspending Slack, the company’s internal messaging service. Fired employees found out about their termination when they could not log into their official accounts and laptops. The one who were most affected by this round of layoffs were product managers, data scientists, and engineers.

Employee Fired from Twitter Leaves Cryptic Tweet

Esther Crawford, the Twitter employee responsible for the blue tick, has also reportedly been fired.  She posted two cryptic posts pointing possibly towards Elon Musk. “If you can’t take being publicly dunked on then be sure to avoid taking any risks and stay away from all leadership roles. Don’t build or disrupt anything. Stay small and invisible and most of all, be silent and afraid of what others think,” she said.


Esther is also being mocked because she initially supported Elon’s leadership style only to get fired. “You're getting mocked because you tried to normalize toxic leadership and work culture in service of a billionaire who fired 90% of your company. and then ended up getting fired the very thing you were defending. it's pretty funny,” said a tweet about her. Crawford had earlier gained popularity for napping in a sleeping bag inside the Twitter office to meet deadlines.

“The worst take you could have from watching me go all-in on Twitter 2.0 is that my optimism or hard work was a mistake. Those who jeer & mock are necessarily on the sidelines and not in the arena. I’m deeply proud of the team for building through so much noise and chaos,” added Crawford.

Twitter Layoffs Prior to Now

Elon Musk has let go of over 70 percent of the company's workforce so far. The company sacked several employees at its Dublin and Singapore headquarters, and employees from its trust and safety team, mainly responsible for global content moderation and its hate speech and harassment section were fired. Musk had also stated that there would be no more layoffs in the company. Nevertheless, layoff news continues to come in regarding the popular micro-blogging platform.