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Sanjay Deshmukh

“AI is capable of the most dominant outcome, humanizing the interaction between users and computer systems”

According to forecasts, the market for generative AI would grow from USD 11.3 billion in 2023 to USD 51.8 billion ...

data poisoning

The poison is not in a dart. It’s in the AC duct.

Data Poisoning, the sly and silent monster, is already around. If we are not worried already by the glimpse that ...

cloud computing

Cloud Computing and Data Management Reshape Industries: Future-Proofing Organizations

Mastering cloud and data management strategies isn't merely an option; it's a mandate for any organization aspiring to flourish. During ...

data center

Navigating the Decision of Opting the Build vs Buy in Data Center

Recent reports suggest that India is on its way to become a USD 1 trillion digital economy by 2030, fuelled ...

Chris Wolf

Unlocking the potential of generative AI: Insights from Chris Wolf, vice president, VMware AI Labs

Chris Wolf, vice president, VMware AI Labs spoke to Dataquest at the VMware Explore 2023 Singapore. He said that it’s ...

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