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Recognizing the logistics and air cargo industry's need to keep pace with technology and customer demands, MOVIN invests in upskilling workforce through training programs and education initiatives.

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JB Singh, Director, MOVIN Express

MOVIN is a logistics joint venture brand between UPS and InterGlobe Enterprises, created to connect Indian businesses through agile, reliable and predictable shipping. MOVIN is ideated for MOVement to INdian enterprises that leverages UPS’s global logistics design expertise, combined with InterGlobe’s in-depth understanding of the Indian market. 


JB Singh, Director, MOVIN Express, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:

DQ:Can you describe MOVIN's current journey? How you distinguish it apart from the other logistics brands? 

JB Singh: MOVIN's journey exemplifies remarkable expansion, with our network now spanning 49 cities and over 3500 pin codes across India in the last two years. We provide the best possible customer experience, through reliable and operational automation. 


Our services are built for Indian businesses with fully predictable, day-definite service, as well as Express, time-definite service across the country. At MOVIN, we focus on enriching the customer experience through our operational excellence and best-in-class technology for our customers. 

With seamless integration across air and ground networks, these express corridors provide an uninterrupted flow of goods, backed by consistent, predictable, and responsive operations. Setting us  apart from other logistics brands, is our focus innovation and customer-centricity, delivering efficient logistics solutions tailored as per our  client’s needs, providing a reliable and exceptional service experience. 

Our services have gained significant traction across the country covering major metros as well as tier-1 and -2 cities. Our commitment to excellence includes providing consistent, cost-effective, and reliable services through our dedicated team. We prioritize our customer’s needs  ensuring ease in their logistics operations, aligning with our goal of sustained growth and meeting evolving customer needs . The PM's vision, which is reflected in the National Logistics policy, is well-aligned with our emphasis on speed, agility, and technological advancements. 


DQ: What are the primary drivers of your quick growth? 

JB Singh: The primary drivers behind our rapid growth over the past year have been multifaceted. Our relentless focus on driving Excellence through  customer-centric solutions, continuously adaptation of our services to meet the unique needs of our  B2B customers have been instrumental. Along with our commitment to technological advancement and innovation they have significantly propelled our growth, streamlining operations and providing real-time visibility throughout our process.

Additionally, strategic partnerships and collaborations have expanded our reach and capabilities, facilitating entry into new markets and industries. We emphasise on excellence, backed by speed and agility, reliability, and integrity being fundamental to our operations. Through these values, we drive sustainable growth, solidifying our position as a leading B2B logistics provider. 


DQ: Which sectors comprise your core customers? What might be the prospective opportunities for expansion over the medium- and long-terms? 

JB Singh: Our recent expansion is a result of the tremendous response from our B2B customers across segments of apparel, electronics, IT peripherals, automotive components, FMCG, healthcare, Consumer durables  and e-commerce. MOVIN’s remarkable growth till date has been in line with our strategy. The company is growing at a fast pace to further strengthen its offerings and cater to customer demands in the ever-expanding B2B logistics space. 

DQ: To what extent have you been able to successfully integrate air and surface transportation? 


JB Singh: We have seamlessly integrated air and surface transportation with our 16 hubs across the country. These hubs provide the customers with competitive pick-up cut-off benefits, leading to an enhanced customer experience, fostering a stronger customer relationship. The establishment of the hubsalso contribute to the creation of direct and indirect job opportunities. 

With our well-connected hubs across the country, coupled with our Express end-of-day and Standard Premium ground services, we are poised to provide substantial benefits to our valued customers while playing a vital role in fostering economic progress

DQ: Throw some light on upskilling and establishing business corridors of opportunity, and MOVIN’s role.


JB Singh: At MOVIN, we prioritize building strong foundations and nurturing collaborative relationships with our employees,customers and partners, offering upskilling opportunities to empower individuals in evolving industries. We establish business corridors of opportunity, paving the way for sustained growth and innovation, serving as a catalyst for progress. 

Recognizing the logistics and air cargo industry's need to keep pace with technology and customer demands, we invest in upskilling our workforce through training programs and education initiatives, focusing on digital transformation and contactless operations. 

We have training and certification programs, apprenticeships programs to address the skills gap. These initiatives enable our partners', employees and customers to gain practical experience, acquire new skills, and stay up-to-date with industry trends. With a series of training modules focusing on tech enablement and soft skill enhancement across all our learning management system platforms, we aim to build a complete ecosystem for ease of operations, ensuring we are equipped to meet the demands of a rapidly growing industry.


DQ: What is the focus on electric automobiles as pledge to have environmentally-friendly transportation?

JB Singh: MOVIN’s focus on sustainable logistics solutions is the reason behind its growing adoption of EVs in its operations. The decision to implement electric vehicles (EVs) for our  first and last mile deliveries is a positive and environmentally responsible choice. This transition has l help decrease carbon emissions, lessen the ecological impact, and demonstrate MOVIN’s dedication to a cleaner and more sustainable future. 

Moreover, it will lead to cost savings in the long run through reduced fuel and maintenance expenditures  owing to this MOVIN plans to grow its fleet size in its key markets in the coming months. 

We have launched EVs in our key markets like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai,  Hyderabad, and Bangalore. We continue to expand these initiatives to the other operational cities as well. 

As we continue with our operations, we plan to  electrify our fleet, showcasing the viability of electric vehicles  in the logistics industry. It's a significant step towards a cleaner future, demonstrating how sustainability and innovation drive the positive environmental impact.

DQ: How is digitization affecting companies, clients, and MOVIN's ability to embrace change, while maintaining high-quality service?

JB Singh: MOVIN plans to invest heavily in technology in the coming years, as our systems and processes are built to be agile and drive efficiency; thereby enhancing the customer experience throughout the shipment journey. 

Data-driven, dynamic, and intelligent logistics systems will accentuate route optimization and system transparency . We are committed to using the best-in-class technology available for our time and day-definite delivery of shipments with speed, precision, and reliability. The use of technology and analytics is pivotal to our operating model. We will continue making investments in this area to enhance our customer experience.

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