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PUBG Mobile Not Working Properly on Apple iPhone XS Max?

A PUBG Mobile gamer who calls himself Atmostfears says that the game’s user interference is not working well on iPhone XS Max

The highly anticipated Apple iPhone XS Max that was unveiled this month has started shipping. The iPhones have gone big on AR, which is a delight for gaming enthusiasts. It’s not just immersive but also transports users into the game. XS Max has the biggest battery that has ever put into an iPhone, and it gets an hour and a half longer than iPhone X, thus making it apt for popular games like PUBG Mobile. However, as of now, there seems to be a small glitch.

PUBG Mobile is apparently not working well on iPhone XS Max. An iPhone user took to Twitter to bring the problem to PUBG Mobile developers’ attention. A PUBG Mobile gamer who calls himself Atmostfears says that the game’s user interference is not working well on iPhone XS Max. “@PowerbangGaming Hey there- if you have any contact with the @PUBGMOBILE dev’s will you let them know the ui is not working properly on the iPhone XS Max. The store icons, for example, are covered by the front facing camera now (sic)”, says the gamer who says he bought the iPhone XS Max only because he ‘loves’ the game.

Nevertheless, the PUBG Mobile official handle was quick to respond to this issue. “Apologies for the inconvenience! We are already working on a fix for it,” they said implying that the issue should be resolved soon. PUBG Mobile’s graphics and the AR capabilities of iPhone XS Max will surely entice gamers once the problem is resolved.

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PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games played across the world. In an all-new update that’s available now, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is now offering the much-anticipated Sanhok map. Set in a dense jungle with varying landscape, Sanhok offers players a smaller map for more tense combat scenarios and gun battles, adding to the list of previous updates, which included the Miramar map, training mode, first-person mode and much more.

Tencent Games recently released impressive statistics for PUBG Mobile, as the game continues to dominate the mobile market with more than 20 million daily active users that too not including Japan, Korea and China. In Season 2, the previous 14-week period of games, more than 130 million players from more than 200 countries earned themselves 864,425,575 chicken dinners.

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