iPhone XS Price in India Revealed, But Users Report These 4 Major Issues

iPhone XS price in India may be a little too high and out of reach for most consumers who largely prefer budget smartphones

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iPhone XS Price

It has been nearly three days since Apple’s flagship devices iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have gone on sale in India. The iPhone XS price in India has been set at Rs. 99,900 for the 64GB variant, Rs. 1,14,900 for the 256GB variant and the 512GB model is available at Rs. 1,34,900. As far as the iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max are concerned the prices are start at Rs 76,900 and 1,09,000, respectively.


Although Apple has introduced several new features to appeal to the Indian smartphone market such as dual-SIM - nano-SIM and digital eSIM – so far the iPhone XS and XS Max failed to enthuse Indian consumers, says a report on Business Today. The report also mentions that Apple, which has just 1 percent market share due to rising popularity of Chinese smartphones like Xiaomi, One Plus, Oppo, and Vivo, may see an increase in sales later but retailers now have over 40 to 45 percent of ‘unsold stock’.

What may be adding to the Apple iPhone XS woes are also the issues being increasingly reported by users. Ever since the smartphone has made it into the consumers hands, several problems are beig reported on various public forums like Reddit, Twitter and Apple support page. Here are four major issues that are being shared.

Apple iPhone XS Issues Reported by Users

  1. Several users took to Twitter and Reddit to share that the Wifi on their iPhone XS devices has been slow. “I’m actually having this issue on the iPhone XS Max. Wifi has been terrible. Anyone else?” asks a user who goes by the name Cody Crouch on Twitter, who is just one of the several users who have reported the same problem. However, Maksim Petriv, founder of the Design Hunt app claims to have a fix for this issue. “Quick tip for new iPhone XS Max owners. If you’re having issues with WiFi reset your networking settings. Fixed it for me,” he says.
  2. Apple support page has nearly 108 customer responses that claim that their iPhone XS devices are not charging when left alone. “So Just got my new iphone. and noticed this issue I've been having. I connect the lightning cable to my phone to charge and most of the time it’s automatically charges. However I’ve noticed several times plugging the phone in and no charge comes up. Tried unplugging and plugging back in, sometimes it’ll work. I started to test it out. And I noticed the times I plugged it in, and I get no charge, I‘d leave the phone alone for 10-15 seconds. I pick it up, the screen illuminarea and then the charging symbol pops up. I’ve Tested these only with apple cables. So I’m thinking it’s either a port issue or possibly software. Any ideas or recommendations?” asks a user who has managed to get 108 responses reporting the same problem. This may be a software problem and Apple is yet to comment on the same.
  3. Apple devices have gone big on AR this time to try and whoo gaming enthusiasts. However, popular mobile game PUBG Mobile may not be working well on iPhone XS devices. “Hi @PUBG @AppleSupport the game screen is cropped by the notch on iphone XS Max. Please check the pic attached,” says a user Ankur Sharma on Twitter. Apple has, however, responded to this issue. “Hi. We're here to help. Does this occur in every view of the app? Let us know in DM, and we'll go from there,” says the official Apple Support account on Twitter." align="alignnone" width="300">iPhone XS Price

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4. Apple iPhone XS also apparently has cell reception issues. Several users have reported LTE connectivity problems. “Users are noticing fewer bars and poorer signal on iPhone XS and XS Max compared to devices like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, especially in areas where signal is weak. Many of the complaints come from Verizon users, suggesting the issue could potentially be carrier specific. Multiple AT&T users, for example, have said the signal is the same or better, while Verizon users are seeing signal issues,” says a report on MacRumours.

All these issues may just be a software related issue, which can be sorted out with an upgrade. Nonetheless, all these isssues can only be out to rest only after Apple comes out and gives an official statement.

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