OpenAI Introduces Residency Program with Enticing Annual Salary of $210000

OpenAI, the global AI research leader has introduced its highly anticipated Residency program after more than a year.

Punam Singh
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OpenAI Residency

OpenAI, the renowned global artificial intelligence (AI) research leader has introduced its highly anticipated Residency program after more than a year. With this particular initiative, the company aims to attract talented individuals to the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). OpenAI is inviting exceptional researchers and engineers from diverse fields to join this program.


The OpenAI residency program is a unique 6-month initiative designed to facilitate a transition into the fields of AI and machine learning (ML) by offering participants valuable knowledge and experience.

OpenAI Residency is specifically designed to assist talented individuals from fields such as mathematics, physics, neuroscience, or software engineering who aspire to make significant career shift toward AI.

This program is anticipated to be a catalyst to bridge the knowledge gap for those looking to become proficient in AI and ML technologies. During their residency, participants will collaborate with OpenAI's esteemed research teams and will have a chance to contribute their existing expertise to tackle real-time AI challenges. Residents in this program will be considered as full-time employees of OpenAI and enjoy the status of professionals in the field. However, the only condition is that they cannot simultaneously enroll in academic programs.


The program will be conducted in San Francisco, California in OpenAI's headquarters. Participants are expected to be present in the office at least three days a week to foster teamwork and creativity. And, the company also offers an exceptional annual salary of $210000 which includes a comprehensive benefits package to them.

In addition to the Residency Program, OpenAI is also gearing up for OpenAI DevDAy. DEvDay is a premier developers' conference set to be held on 6th November. At this event, attendees can look forward to a captivating keynote address and breakout sessions led by OpenAI's technical staff.

As OpenAI continues to push its limitations forward in the field of AI research and development, this Residency Program and OpenAI DevDay are expected to represent unparalleled opportunities for talented individuals to be at the forefront of innovation.