OpenAI's ChatGPT can Now Browse the Internet

OpenAI has announced that ChatGPT can now access the web for recent information through a post. It will give information authorized sources.

Punam Singh
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OpenAI ChatGPT

OpenAI has recently announced that ChatGPT can now access the web for recent information through a post. From now on ChatGPT will provide answers and current information taken directly from authorized sources in its responses.


This new feature named "Browse with Bing" is only open for customers with Plus and Enterprise subscriptions for now but the company claims that it will be available for all users very soon.

OpenAI first introduced this Browse with Bing feature in June. However, the AI platform pulled down the feature shortly due to some user exploitation cases. The company has worked on these issues and relaunched its latest version for users.

"ChatGPT can now browse the internet to provide you with current and authoritative information, complete with direct links to sources. It is no longer limited to data before September 2021," wrote OpenAI in its X post.


“Browsing is particularly useful for tasks that require up-to-date information, such as helping you with technical research, trying to choose a bike, or planning a vacation,” says OpenAI’s tweet.

OpenAI announced some major updates last week in which they announced that ChatGPT will be able to have voice conversations with users and interact with them using images. It has also tested a feature that will allow users to access the latest information through the Bing search engine for premium subscription users.

This feature also allows its users to verify the credibility of the chatbot's responses by clicking on the links to original sources it has provided. This accuracy test is important because AI bots have been found to provide misleading pieces of information in the past.


How to enable web browsing on ChatGPT?

Users need to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription to access web browsing on ChatGPT. If users want to enable this feature they can follow the given steps:

  • Click on "Profile and Settings"
  • Click on "Beta Features"
  • Go to "Browse with Bing"
  • Choose Browse with Bing under GPT-4.