PhonePe Launches Indus Appstore, a Homegrown Competitor to Google App Store

PhonePe has launched the Indus Appstore, a local alternative to the Google Play Store. It supports 12 Indian languages and offers free app listings for the first year, and zero commission on in-app payments.

Punam Singh
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PhonePe Indus Appstore

PhonePe, a subsidiary of Walmart has unveiled the Indus Appstore. It is a homegrown Android app store that has come out as a localized alternative to the dominant Google Play Store.


The launch of the Indus Appstore is a part of PhonePe’s initiative to open its app marketplace to Android developers. The platform boasts a rich repository of over 2 lakh mobile apps and games across 45 categories and encompasses a wide range of interests and preferences.

One of the standout features of Indus Appstore is its emphasis on linguistic inclusivity. The platform supports 12 Indian languages in addition to English. The platform ensures that the users can explore and engage with apps in their preferred language while serving 95% of Indians’ language preferences. This localization initiative has extended beyond mere language support, with features like a short-video-based discovery mechanism enhancing the overall user experience.

The Indus Appstore also sets part as it offers flexibility to the app and game developers. It is the first time in the globe that developers can choose any third-party payment gateway for in-app billing without incurring any commission charges. This move not only empowers developers but also fosters a more equitable and inclusive app economy.


Additionally, in terms of encouraging participation from developers, the platform has implemented several enticing incentives. These incentives include

  • Free app listings for the first year
  • Zero commission of in-app payments
  • And dedicated support services designed to address the unique needs of Indian developers.

Moreover, the platform’s “Launch Pad” initiative provides new developers with enhanced visibility and search optimization that facilitates smoother entry into this competitive app market.

The launch of the Indus Appstore marks a significant step towards digital self-reliance. It fosters innovation, promotes inclusivity, and embraces linguistic diversity. The platform is designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of Indian users with features like mobile number-based login and seamless app discovery in regional languages. It embodies the spirit of ‘Make-in-India’ excellence and paves the way for a more vibrant and dynamic app ecosystem.