ChatGPT can Now Remember Instructions with its 'Memory' Feature

OpenAI introduces 'Memory feature' for ChatGPT Plus users, enhancing personalization by recalling details and preferences from past interactions. Exclusive to Plus subscribers.

Punam Singh
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ChatGPT Memory feature

OpenAI has rolled out its new Memory feature for  ChatGPT Plus users, except for those residing in Europe and Korea. The new memory feature allows chatGPT to remember details and preferences from previous chats and apply them to future interactions.


ChatGPT’s memory feature works by allowing users to instruct the chatbot to remember specific details or letting it learn from conversations. This feature enables ChatGPT to recall past discussions and personalize its responses based on the information it has gathered during the course.

Its memory can be used for tasks such as remembering preferences for taking meeting notes, suggesting personalized birthday card ideas, or customizing lesson plans based on the user's preference.

Although, now the chatbot has the ability to learn by itself users still have complete control over ChatGPT’s memory. Users can ask it to remember certain items, review what it has learned, delete unwanted memories, or turn off the Memory feature entirely.


Utility of ChatGPT’s memory feature

  • Users can ask  ChatGPT to remember specific details, or the  AI can learn preferences from conversations by itself, similar to how other apps use their algorithms to personalize experiences.
  • The memory feature allows ChatGPT to provide more relevant and personalized responses without the user having to repeatedly provide the same information.
  • Users can review what it has remembered, delete specific memories, or tune off the memory feature.


The new ChatGPT memory feature makes the experience more personalized and helpful to Plus users as the chatbot remembers their preferences and details across conversations.  The feature is currently exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers and is not available to free users.  OpenAI has also stated that memories are kept separately from chat histories, and users can choose to have ChatGPT forget specific details or clear its memory entirely.