New Bing ChatGPT Now Available on Windows 11 Taskbar

The new Bing ChatGPT that was announced only three weeks ago is now being made available to users through the Windows 11 taskbar

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Bing ChatGPT

The all New Bing ChatGPT is now available for users, Microsoft has announced through an official blogpost. The Bing team has announced that the new Bing ChatGPT is being brought directly to the Windows taskbar. The organisation says that this will enable users to unlock more ways to interact with their personal computers across search, answers, chat, and creation.


The new Bing was announced three weeks ago and a few people were given access to it. “We’ve been inspired by how our preview testers have incorporated these new AI tools into their everyday life. Adding these capabilities into Windows is the next big step in our journey, with the potential to deliver Bing AI-powered experiences to the over half a billion people who use the search box every month,” says the official blogpost from Bing.

When Will New Windows 11 With Bing ChatGPT Be Available?

This new update will be available for users from 1 March 2023 onwards. “If you are currently in the preview, these features will be available to you by downloading the latest Windows update rolling out today. Find this update in the Windows Update settings menu,” says the post. Those who are already in the waitlist will also receive the update, and the Bing teams says that they were working towards brining the update “quickly” to more users.


Other interested users may also opt to sign in to the waitlist as the organisation is accepting new users on the waitlist as well. The blog also goes on to mention the update will be available to users with eligible devices running Windows 11, version 22H2. In addition to that, a device reboot will also be required to enable the new features. Users also need to note that the new feature availability may vary by market. 

What Can the New Bing ChatGPT Do?

Users will be able to interact with the conversational style chatbot, and plan their daily tasks. Some of the things that users can do are as follows:

  • How to create a three course menu.
  • Creating an itinerary for  a party.
  • How to get fit.
  • Write a rhyming poem or essay.
  • Help in writing a code.
  • Help create a quiz.

“Now, you can access the world’s information and generate content from the Windows taskbar, providing you with an AI copilot directly on your desktop,” says the blogpost.