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NEF aims to provide common platform for electronics/semicon in India

The VLSI Society of India (VSI), in collaboration with the India Electronics & Semiconductors Association (IESA), announced the Northern Region Electronics Forum (NEF) during Industry Day at Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi on 21st September 2019.

NEF aims to provide a common platform for electronics/semiconductors industries, academia, research, and government bodies to expand the electronics/semiconductor ecosystem in the northern region of India.

Preet Yadav, VLSID Steering committee member – VLSI Society of India and Analog Practice Head, Wipro Ltd, said it’s a dream come true after almost four years of rigorous efforts, which started at VLSID 2016 conference at Kolkata, received a global boost during VLSID 2019 conference earlier this year at Delhi and became a reality today.

Stressing on importance of collaboration, he mentioned that industry, academia, research and government bodies are doing a lot of innovative work. If we bring together all these experts, we can reach out to bigger level of innovations with much less efforts and time.

He mentioned this journey was not possible without support from Jaswinder Ahuja and Sanjay Gupta. He thanked Prof. Ramgopal Rao for extending support to launch this forum and mentioned that IIT Delhi will be playing crucial role in this journey.

He thanked Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao, Jaswinder Ahuja, Sanjay Gupta, and Pradeep Chakraborty to be part of this ceremony. He also thanked the participants from various institutions for an interactive discussion on what next the NEF should target to best utilize this common platform.

Prof. Ramgopal Rao, director IIT Delhi, talked about the various possibilities of engagements with IIT Delhi, along with different government schemes like the Prime Minister Fellowship.

Jaswinder Ahuja, Corporate VP & MD, Cadence Design Systems, India, mentioned that as the technology is shrinking further, the focus is shifted towards more on system innovation than the technology front.

Pradeep Chakraborty, semicon/telecom consultant, requested the audience to try and develop a traffic-related product, to solve problems, while sharing an incident in Singapore that was related to the driverless car.

Sanjay Gupta, VP and India Country Manager, NXP Semiconductors, stressed on need of single standard for upcoming products like battery charging, automotive driver assistance systems (ADAS).

NEF will work with associated partners on:

Knowledge Sharing Seminar/Workshop on innovative technologies by experts
• Sessions by experts from across the globe
— Professors from reputed universities across the globe
— Product architects from semiconductor industry

Research Collaboration
• Joint research collaboration on common topics of interest

Joint Mentorship
• Joint mentorship by industry/academia for Ph. D scholars
• Internship in semiconductor industry

Participation in programs of interest
• Industry participation in academia events
• Academia participation in industry events

Startups/Entrepreneurs incubation
• Guidance to young entrepreneurs and Startups

Standardization of new technologies/ideas/processes
• Common interest group formation to work towards standardization of technologies/ideas/processes

Infrastructure resource sharing
• Sharing of resources like labs available in Industry & Academia based on mutual consent

Industry-ready pipeline creation
• Participation in curriculum review by industry
• To hold sessions about future skill requirements in
Industry to create an industry-ready engineering pipeline
• Focused skill placements drives

Latest government scheme proliferations
• Camps on latest government funding schemes for faculty and research scholars

•Industry-academia related schemes.

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