NXP hosts industry AI tech summit

It is very interesting to see how AI is going to build the future and how it will create jobs for millions of people.

NXP is having AI week, an industrial tech summit that is a 4-days event. It is dedicated to the whole new AI-oriented world. On day 1 there was AI training, while day 2 was dedicated to the industry tech summit. On day 3, there will be a thought leadership webinar, with topics such as design trends and intelligent IoT platforms. Day 4 is meant for tech talks and posters presentation.

The agenda of Industry Tech Summit was AI for a smart and connected world. Key people from the infotech industry brainstormed ideas and experiences about the AI-based smart future. Kanwal Rai, entrepreneur, and business & technology leader, said that AI is the aided intelligence, which will be helping us forever in the near future.

Sanjay Gupta, VP and India country manager, NXP, said: “I warmly welcome you all to this quarter’s Industry TechSummit on AI for a smarter and connected world. If we think AI and ML are only modern-day buzzwords, we will be quite wrong. Knowingly or unknowingly, we have been using AI/ML since decades in various forms. A digital designer using state machines has in his/her own way leveraged AI/ML, where the next state is a function of previous states. Or, an analog engineer, using any feedback loop mechanism in circuits, has, in a way, put AI/ML to use in calibrating circuit behavior. Clearly, AI has been our friend since decades.

“It is now time to extent this friendship to newer heights. Can we ideate novel approaches of utilizing ML wherever possible, to make our lives more effective and efficient? Well, there is a complete treasure box of ideas out there to unlock. “

There was also a panel discussion, where Sanjay Gupta, Kanwal Rai, Jaswinder Ahuja, Corporate VP and MD, Cadence Design Systems, Dr. Roshy John, Global head, Robotics & Cognitive Systems, TCS, and Dr. P. Kumaraguru, Associate Prof., IIIT Delhi were the panelists.  They have all defined AI, and ML in their own experiences and use cases.

They said that in the era of data explosion, data can be quantified on the basis of context, ownership and privacy. AI is helping us in many forms — whether it is predicting natural calamities or human behavior. AI has business implications, including, the latest GPU, and generation chips, that can reduce the operation cost, and those are for either human-centric work or lengthy paper work.  Machines are taking over humans through app-based neural networks, and data is used to recognizing the patterns.

It is very interesting to see how AI is going to build the future and how it will create jobs for millions of people. The biggest bets are on improving businesses, healthcare, education, manufacturing, law, and security.

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