Microsoft Outlook Lite Enhances User Experience and SMS Support for Indian Users

Microsoft Outlook Lite now supports vernacular language features and SMS Support. to cater to the diverse linguistic needs of Indian users.

Punam Singh
New Update
Outlook Lite

Microsoft has introduced new vernacular features in Outlook Lite which is supposed to cater to the diverse linguistic and communication needs of Indian users. This is an email and SMS app specifically designed for Indian customers in terms of seamlessly integrating the best email and SMS functionalities into one platform.


Outlook Lite specializes in maintaining the essential features of Microsoft Outlook while offering a smaller-sized application with swift performance and is also optimized for lightweight devices across various networks. Focused on the emerging requirements of market users, Outlook Lite now supports vernacular language features and SMS Support.

One of the key highlights of these newly introduced features is their inclusivity and responsiveness to linguistic diversity in India. The app has introduced features like voice typing, transliteration, and the ability to compose and read emails in regional languages. Presently, Outlook Lite supports five Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Gujarati. The app is set to expand its language support to encompass more dialects in the future.

Another significant addition of the platform is SMS support which is responsible for streamlining the consumption of transactional and promotional information. The app features a unified and intelligent inbox that categories messages into transactions, promotions, and personal communications. Now, users can effortlessly switch between categories with their relevant messages in one location. Additionally, Outlook Lite also provides reminders for essential appointments, travel bookings, bill payments, and gas bookings, helping users to stay organized.

“The evolution of Outlook Lite embodies our dedication to fostering inclusive digital experiences tailored for diverse communities in India. With SMS integration and vernacular language support, Outlook Lite redefines communication accessibility and provides users with a more convenient & personalized experience. We believe in empowering every individual, irrespective of their location or preferred language, to effortlessly connect, collaborate, and thrive. This launch reaffirms our commitment to enabling every person to achieve more, simplifying their daily interactions while enabling greater productivity and connectivity,” said Rajiv Kumar, managing director, of Microsoft India Development Centre and corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Experiences and Devices, India Group.

With these new features, Outlook Lite aims to introduce language translation for SMS in the near future, allowing users to read messages in their preferred language or seamlessly switch between languages with a single tap.