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ISRO Quiz Competition 2019 for School Students Begins

ISRO quiz competition 2019 is being hosted for school children, wherein winners will get to watch Chandrayaan 2 landing with PM Narendra Modi

ISRO quiz competition 2019, which is being conducted jointly by the Indian Space Research Organisation and to increase Indian students’ awareness about space programme, has begun. Students can take the quiz until 20 August 2019 to stand a chance to watch the historic Chandrayaan 2 landing live on the moon with the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bengaluru.

To take part in the ISRO quiz, students from classes 8 to 10 need to first register on with their email addresses and password or OTP, or their social media profiles such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, or GitHub by scanning a QR code. Candidates need to provide their full name, email address, nationality, date of birth, mobile number and gender to register with the website. An individual will be permitted to participate only once in the quiz.

Only Indian nationals are allowed to take the ISRO quiz, which has a score of twenty (1 mark for each question) and is ten minutes long. The portal clearly mentions that parents and guardians may help only in the translation of questions if needed but should not assist in answering the questions. Integrity and honesty is expected from all participants, says the website.

Should ISRO discover any malpractice, impersonation, double participation, or victory through spurious means, the participation will be declared null and void and the candidate in question will be rejected. It would be prudent on the part of participants to take the quiz well before the ISRO quiz end date to avoid any last minute technical glitches or server issues that take place as a result of last day rush.

The quiz will begin as soon as students click on the ‘start quiz’ icon and cannot be paused after that; the student may, however, skip the question and come back to it later within the allotted 10 minutes of time. Interested students of classes 8 to 10 may head to the currently to register themselves and take part in the ISRO Quiz.


  1. Shubhrangi dwivedi

    It is very interesting for everyone. I know by listening this news every student wants to take part in, here I also want to participate in this because it is a huge opportunity for the students.


    Respected uncles
    we the scienc club students GHSS KUTTIPPURAM are very proud and heartiest congrats of your team. And we presented your achievements and goals in front of the public. Our club members explain chandrayan – 2s steps that’s from take off up to landing using multimedia presentations. Also we composed a song and sang before the public. Exhibits cologe, charts, photos and a big model of GSLV III and other rockets models and videos. The local news channel and major newspapers. So we once again convey our souls congratulations. Awaiting chances to work and winn together
    Your’s in service

  3. Avinash vitthal dhawle

    Thank you the ISRO for this apochuniti to see the chandrayan2 lander when land on the moon with praim minister shree Narendra modi and I also excited to see this prosses. and all the best for more traveling in the space mission

  4. Shanaya shinghania

    Want to participate in this quiz to know the landing of chandrayan2 on the moon in the guidance of isro members and our pm Narendra modi

  5. Zainab Maksiwala

    Plz allow the college going students also to participate in this quiz competition …we also have a keen interest to watch our INDIA’s progress in space programs.
    Or else please do online quiz for college going students also.

  6. Sharan Lakhani

    A very nice opportunity for you and me too in this exam. I will take part in this quiz and I hope I win successfully to see ISRO live landing on moon…

    • Supriya R

      Hi Divyanshu, even adults seem to be taking part in this but winners will only be selected from class 8 to ten as per Isro

    • Supriya R

      Hi Varnika, pls click the link given in the story on that’s where you can find the quiz. We are a news portal and what you are answering are captcha verification questions for comments

    • Supriya R

      Hi Rajasvi, you can always participate and download the participants certificate but winners will be chosen from class 8 to ten only

  7. Abhishek Jain

    It’s a wonderful initiative by the government…we are really seeing some new and interesting initiatives by this modi government…long live India…

    • Supriya R

      Dear Dikshit, pls click on the link given at the bottom of the story on, and register with the website. Pls take your parents help if needed. You need to register with email address or social media profile

  8. Nikhil

    caution : please do not refresh the page even if the page is not responding. it would not allow you to continue with the quiz and will display message stating ” you have already attempted or refreshed the page”

    • Supriya R

      Dear Miss Khushi, pls head over to my clicking on the link given in the story to give the quiz. What you are currently doing is commenting on the news portal and answering captcha verification questions. Pls take the help of a parent to help you log into website

  9. Swati yogi

    Are all questions come from 8-10th level. Are all questions based on chandrayaan or from any topic of any subject??please give me answer of my question anyone!!!!!

  10. Vijay

    They are about the names of spacecraft’s and the dates of their launch so have a clear knowledge about chandrayana 1

  11. Siva sai

    I am very keen in knowing the secrets of space .The chandrayan 21st revealing the many secrets of moon .so,I was interested to see vibrant lander landing on moon on 7th September

  12. Aryan parmar


  13. B. Surat Dhani

    Hi. I have participated in the quiz. it was very interesting and fun. thanks for organizing this. hope I get selected. will the certificate have any importance in the future?

  14. Smitesh yeole

    Please select me on this quiz for chandrayaan 2 landing it’s a request my son is having a cancer so his wish to go to se the moon landing

  15. Divya kumari

    I have already done the quiz competition on 11 August on 2019 so what is the highest percentage in this quiz And my scored is 15marks so I’m very excited to know the result


    I love my nation and I want to do something for my country ISRO have given me a GOLDEN OPPOURTUNITY.thanks ISRO wholeheartidly

  17. Seema Pandey

    It will also include mathematics questions or not I am in class 8th so what type of technological questions will come pls tell

  18. supriya vallipu

    can any one let me know how to down load the certificate of participation of space quiz, iam unable to do it,pls help me with it.

  19. Divyansh

    Hey please tell me where should I prepare for the quiz. Like any specific book you know that might help me or something like that …

  20. Divyansh

    Please help and tell me how to prepare. Also tell me are the questions asked MCQ’s. Please help dear I want to do this desperately

  21. Aman Bari

    How they will ask questions, I mean about space or like the normal maths and science question. If the questions will come related to the space let me know.

  22. Seema Pandey

    U didn’t replied me pls tell me mam what is the syllabus and is it same for all the classes from 8th to 10th and which type of questions it will include in the technology section plus answer me

  23. Siva jampana

    Hi sir and medam my doughter win this compitation and get some cortificate.she is selected for live show with pm ? Any thing else plz tell me about this

  24. Amritha thayyil sanjeev

    This is a great opportunity for students,and I played the game on the first day,and I got only 55%.Hope all
    will perform verywell.I want to become astronaut,if I loss this opportunity please please ISRO,SIR K.SIVAN please allow me and all other participants to meet you and ISRO members,the all participants including me are very eager to see you sir,iam requesting you sir
    Amritha Thayyil Sanjeev
    Student of GGHS SCHOOL

  25. Prarthana

    I participated in this quiz and already completed warm-up quiz but I didn’t get the online quiz before that I got my account : badge 300
    So please tell me how to complete the online quiz (20 questions )

  26. Kheni bhavyansh rajeshbhai

    I like every quiz for science and my country development,I love ISRO and beautiful country,
    Happy independence day to all my brother and sisters……..

  27. Adrish Das

    I am trying to participate by direct linking but each evry time show only Hindi verson ,but i need English verson


    I have just taken the Space Quiz through App on mobile. Before I could finish answering all the questions, the 10 minutes had elapsed and the quiz screen disappeared. Now, I am not sure whether my answers have been submitted or not. Neither I could find the ‘Download Section’ from where I can download my participation certificate. Now, when I am logging in, the ‘Start Quiz’ button is still appearing. Please help to clarify my doubts.

  29. Anushka

    I took the quiz and received my certificate but not the my percentile scoring. When and how will the results arrive?

  30. Anushka

    I took the quiz and received my certificate but not the percentile scoring. When and how will the scores be declared?

  31. Arandha k m

    I couldn’t find my percentage of Mark obtained in the quiz so please help me with the the solution to find out the marks that I scored in my quiz

  32. Manalee Singh

    I am really interested in this competition. I am in 8 th class l will try to get good percentage in this quiz exam and l want eyewitness of laughing “Chandrayan-2” on moon. I will try my knowledge and luck 😊😊

  33. Manalee Singh

    I am really interested in this competition. I am in 8 th class l will try to get good percentage in this quiz exam and l want eyewitness of launching
    “Chandrayan-2” on moon. I will try my knowledge and luck 😊😊

  34. Anish Prakash sapkal

    I have given the ISRO quiz then when I will know my marks and I am studying in 10th class I got only participation certificate

  35. Rigu

    I have given the quiz and got the certificate and i am from 9class but they are not showing any percentage or result what i scored??? I need help

  36. Radhika

    can you please tell me how can i check my score in the ISRO ONLINE QUIZ and when will the results be declared?

  37. Shiva Nikku

    My daughter used her mother’s phone to register and login the quiz and given exam. She cleared the exam with excellent score and got the certificate, but the issue is, certificate has been issued by my wife name.

    How to correct this, to whom shall I report this?

    If any idea, please let us know.

    Shiva Nikku

  38. JANU



  39. Arya Madav

    II gave the test but I forgot to finish the test and the time elapsed so whether my test marks will be taken into calculation or not?

  40. Tanusri

    When did they call us
    How can we the selected students name
    Will they give any information to them or will they call the selected members

  41. Tanusri

    When did they call us
    How can we know the selected students name
    Will they give any information to them or will they call the selected members

  42. Ajay aravind k

    I want to know the results when it will be declared and I had answered al the 20 question correctly but I didn’t submit before 1 min or 2 min I submitted I last 10 seconds I have an aim to become an isro scientist I’m waiting for it

    • sachin maheshwari

      Just to students from each state will get the chance of watching Chandrayaan 2 landing with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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