Google Layoffs 2023: Employees with Over Decade Experience Fired, Here’s What They Have to Say

Google layoffs 2023 has impacted several employees across the world across various functions such as recruitment, and even technology

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Google layoffs 2023 has sent shockwaves across the industry. After Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google and Alphabet announced the company's intent to fire over 12,000 employees, several Google employees as well as workers from other companies took to social media platforms to state their opinion. What has been found to be a matter of concern is that the layoffs has impacted employees across all domains, and those with over a decade of experience at Google who have made significant contributions to the company have also been fired.


A post from one such employee Dan Russell, who served the company for over 17 years, has gone viral on social media platforms. “Well... I'm also one of the 12,000 people laid off from Google today. I found out when I went to work at 4AM to finish up an important analysis, and my badge didn't work. After 17.5 years at Google, it was kind of a tough way to discover that I'd become a Xoogler. I still believe that Google's got a great mission. I still believe in The Joy Of Search, but my enthusiasm was a little tempered this morning. Google We'll see what the days ahead bring,” says Russell who was research scientist at Google.

On a similar note, Chelsea Lieb who was with Google for over a decade, said: “My talented team and I were unfortunately part of the recent Google layoffs 2023. It’s been a hard few days, but I’m feeling grateful for my network - thank you to everyone for checking in and offering support. After more than a decade at Google - 2 separate stints with startup experience between them - I’ll be taking some time to explore. I hope to create and deepen connections that will lead to the next chapter. And I’m here for anyone in a similar situation wanting to talk.”

Have Indians Been Impacted by Google Layoffs 2023?


The layoffs have impacted employees across geographies. Soumya Ravindran, recruiting coordinator, also shared a post on LinkedIN stating her feelings about the layoffs. “Despite getting laid off, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and the most talented individuals I had a pleasure working with. I am still in shock, but I am trying to practice acceptance as this situation is beyond my control,” she says.

Some Employees Disappointed by Google Layoffs 2023

A few existing employees have expressed solidarity with those who were fired as Google employees are engaged and retained after a rigorous interview process . “Disappointed is the main word that comes to mind when I think of the Google layoffs. I'm angry for my Google family who was unfairly treated and weren't given the ability to even say goodbye. Seeing messages from folks who have dedicated years and years of their lives, heartlessly left in the dark.. this is not who I thought Google was. My heart goes out to everyone impacted,” says Stephanie Stanley, people operations, Google on LinkedIN.