Intel's Thunderbolt Share Offers Ultra Fast PC-to-PC Experiences

Intel's Thunderbolt Share leverages Thunderbolt technology to enable ultra-fast PC-to-PC connections for seamless data sharing, screen sharing, and enhanced productivity.

Punam Singh
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Intel's Thunderbolt Share

Intel has introduced Thunderbolt Share, a technology that enables ultra-fast PC-to-PC display experiences. This innovation allows users to seamlessly connect and share their data between two PCs at high speeds while enhancing efficiency and productivity in various tasks. 


Thunderbolt Share apparently leverages Thunderbolt technology to facilitate high-speed data transfer and connectivity between compatible devices. It utilizes the Thunderbolt interface to establish a direct connection between two PCs, allowing for seamless sharing of files, screen sharing, and potentially other collaborative features.

Thunderbolt technology is renowned for its high-speed and reliable wired connectivity, which now can be found in hundreds of millions of PCs and accessories worldwide. Thunderbolt Share extends these capabilities, allowing users to get even more out of their Thunderbolt-enabled services.

Offerings of Intel’s Thunderbolt Share


Thunderbolt Share is compatible with Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 5 PCs running Windows. It offers key features like

  • Uncompressed screen-sharing with ultra-responsive mouse and keyboard control
  • Quick and easy file migration and synchronization between PCs.
  • Private and secure direct connections that do not impact Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cloud network performance.
  • Versatile support functionality through direct PC connections or Thunderbolt accessories like docks and monitors.

Utility of Intel’s Thunderbolt Share


Thunderbolt Share utilizes the high bandwidth and low latency inherent to Thunderbolt technology, providing users with an efficient and simple way to manage multiple PCs.

  • Creators and Gamers can utilize it to enhance productivity through multi–PC workflows and enable easy collaboration.
  • Business professionals can improve ergonomics with shared monitors and maximize workspace by using multiple PCs.
  • It can facilitate seamless screen-sharing and fast file transfer for everyday tasks for general customers.

Availability of Intel’s Thunderbolt Share

Thunderbolt Share is available on select PCs and accessories that are equipped with Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 5 ports. This new solution offers responsive screen-sharing and rapid PC–to–PC file transfers, paving the way for more flexible and productive workflows.

The technology is part of Intel’s efforts to advance connectivity standards and provide users with a more efficient way to share data and collaborate between devices.