Domestic Flight Cancellation due to Coronavirus

Domestic Flight Cancellation due to Coronavirus: Customers Fume Over High Cancellation Charges, Airlines Helpless

Customers are taking to social media platforms to state their frustration over high domestic flight cancellation charges due to Coronavirus crisis

While the uncertainty over the status of scheduled flights due to the Coronavirus outbreak looms large, most airline companies seem helpless about the situation and are not waiving off the domestic flight cancellation charges. With new advisories coming in from the Government of India every now and then to curb the spread of Coronavirus, both customers and Airline companies find themselves in a tough spot and are unable to take a definite decision.

Nevertheless, several customers who have booked their flights during these unsettled times, seem to be furious over being unable to reach customer care numbers of Airline companies. Travelers are also hoping for a full refund upon cancellation of tickets, and are also requesting the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to look into the matter.

“I have booked round trip tickets from Delhi-Jammu-Delhi for 22nd Mar and back on 24th Mar. But due to Coronavirus scare I want to cancel my tickets. Today when I tried to call customer care, none of the numbers are picking up saying they have huge call volumes. And online cancellation is showing zero refund. Date change option is of no good to me as tickets were for Vaishno Devi trip and I’m not sure when will I get chance to visit again. A sector change would have been of some respite but no such option is available. Booking was done through Makemytrip from two different airlines. Now I’m stuck and about to lose all my money,” says Roopa on DataQuest.

“We had to cancel our trip to Chennai on 14/3/20 due to the corona outbreak. The airlines don’t even bother to inform the customer that it has to be cancelled before 72 hours and they’re not giving 100% free cancellation or rescheduling. The ministry has to be more stern towards the airlines. I didn’t even get 20% of the total amount. Total apathy from the airlines. We pay taxes from all corners and end up loosing even more. There is no clear statement from the ministry or the airlines,” says Divya Prakash.

Passengers are also upset about the fact that they have lost nearly half the amount they originally paid for their tickets as domestic flight cancellation charges. “I had booked for 22 March from Visakhapatnam to Delhi and return from Chandigarh to Visakhapatnam on 9 April paid about Rs 10,000. On enquiring about refund after cancellation as I am a senior citizen and my tours are cancelled due to Coronavirus, I am informed that cancellation charges of Rs 3150 per sector which will be total Rs 9450 plus GST five percent that will be around zero refund. They are quoting the regular cancellation charges and do not have any consideration for the situation at hand. This is very shallow thinking. I had to be online waiting for more than one hour and then some more and was not provided the opportunity to talk to a senior person. Airlines need to step up to the plate and do better,” says Kumari Voleti.

However, what seems to have made the situation all the more complicated is the Janata Curfew on 22 March 2020 and the Delhi Government announcing the suspension of all domestic and international flights into the Union Territory from 23 to 31 March 2020. Airline companies have also reported experiencing five times the call volumes and a higher number of social media mentions.

What Airline Companies are Providing on Domestic Flight Cancellation due to Coronavirus Crisis

While airline companies are still not providing a full refund, GoAir has forwarded an email to its customers stating that for new and existing bookings of travel between 19 March and 15 April 2020 there was “no need for the passenger to call GoAir or their travel agent prior to departure. Passengers could simply not show up for their flight, and still

  • All tickets would be protected and passengers can reschedule their travel without any fees for up to one year from the original date of travel
  • The new ticket will be issued for the same passenger name for any GoAir flight (not necessarily the original sector the passenger booked their ticket on) without any rescheduling fee. Fare differential, if applicable, would be applied.”

Furthermore, the mail also mentions that for new bookings of travel between 15 April and 30 September 2020: Rescheduling charges will be waived to reschedule the ticket for any flight until September 30 (Passenger name and sector have to be the same). Passengers may reschedule their tickets through the “Manage Booking” option on the website or by calling the contact centre at 1800 2100 999.

As far as Air Asia is concerned, the company had tweeted earlier today that “We understand your travel plans may be disrupted. Please share your rescheduling or cancellation requests on so we can attend to you. Cancellation and no-show charges are waived for all flights today (22 March 2020). Rescheduling fees are waived till 31 March.” However, the company is yet to make an announcement on the flights to New Delhi being cancelled from 23 to 31 March 2020.

The rest of the airline companies in India are yet to make an announcement on the latest developments.

Update: All domestic flights have been canceled from 25 March 2020 on the orders of the aviation ministry. Although an official word from airlines is still expected, airline companies are expected to offer either a rescheduling or a full refund in the form of credit points, which can be used up to one year to reschedule flights with the same airlines. More details on the same will be updated when available.


  1. Bhaskar

    The charges levied by airlines like Indigo, SpiceJet for cancellations were atrocious and unjustified despitethe appeal by DGCA and other travel agencies. Waiving of rescheduling charges was also a ploy and illusionary. The rescheduling was permitted only up to 31st March while crisis looked to go unabated . I had 4 flights booked on 18th, 22nd, 25th and 26th March spending ₹16240 . After spending so much time on internet I could get a refund of little over ₹2000/-….
    The Government if at all thinking of giving any stimulus to Airlines, should make it a condition to refund more money to customers who had to cancel their tickets due to Covid19 crisis

  2. Ananth

    Make my trip (Mmt) is not waiving the cancellation charges even after Cathay Pacific airlines refunded the same to MMT. MMT is playing dirty like an unethical company and trying to make a quick money by taking undue advantage in this calamity. Looks like in India there is no Govt authority who can take action against this unprofessional company.


    I also became one of the victims of domestic flight ticket cancellation and loss of money due to corona spreading,I booked air ticket
    with Indigo for the journey from Kochi to Delhi on 24/03/20with my family consists four members , the fare was around RS 17400 ,I request them to cancel my ticket due to corona spreading,but they allow me the refund amount only around 4400, they deducted 3000 per person and convenience charges RS 1000, That is they deducted Rs13000,so the government ‘s intervention is needed to control this robbery.

  4. Tapan Mullick

    I booked 4 tickets for spice jet on 24th March for Kolkata but the situation is so fearful that it’s difficult to continue traveling peacefully . When the state of West Bengal is going to lock down, then how could we travel back to our home after the arrival of the airport,The domestic flights should return the full cancelation fee as passengers are all in trouble. Government of India should look at it in this situation. 10’/, cancelation charges will be justified at the moment as I believe.

  5. Kuljeet

    Request to all airlines , pls dont take the advantages of situations, pls allow the customers to reschedule the flights till dec 2020 without any extra charges instead of giving refund or cutting cancellation charges

  6. Kuljeet

    Request to all airlines , pls dont take the advantages of situations, pls allow the customers to reschedule the flights till dec 2020 without any extra charge

  7. S Banik

    I booked three tickets for my family from Hyderabad to Kochi of 28th March 2020 by Go Air through easemytrip. But when I tried to make contact with easemytrip or Goair they are least bothered about the matter rather putting an excuse of heavy congestion in receiving any calls or emails. My entire amount has gone. DGCA should look into the matter. Right now I haven’t been able to cancel my flight.

  8. Akash Agarwal

    I have to say that please waive off the cancellation charges of the flights and please appeal this request to DGCA. As after deducting all the cancellation charges I get only 1 to 2 % of the total amount which I paid.

  9. Zainab Electricwala

    We have a booking for Kashmir for march through air India and goair but now air India is giving traveling extension only till 31 may 2020 and if cancelled only getting 4000 back for our rs 20000 tickets. And postpone is just one time even in the situation where people are unaware about whole year what things will change into how till may we can decide to visit. Even being a government based airlines they are troubling people so much. Hope they find a better solution.

  10. I had to cancel my seven air tickets from Mumbai to Trivendrum and back between 17th March and 21stMarch.Due to corona virous I booked through goibibo.Indigo and Goibibo charges for cancellation were 21000+2100(Goibibo)+1600(other charges).Thus I got only 2700 Rs as refund.Spicejet also deducted 21000+1500(other charges). And refunded the balance.Will anyone ask these companies for their inhuman treatment to the passengers.Feeling cheated.

  11. Neha

    I had booked 3 tickets for March 27 and back on 31 March by Air India from Mumbai to Mangalore and back thru Ease My Trip. It was booked on 16 Jan . Now when I m trying EMT they are not answering the call and trying to reschedule it asking for higher fare and dates beyond 26 May not to be seen. It is disgusting. It’s our hard money then why are they behaving in such a manner. They can very well reschedule our tickets without charging any fare difference if not cancelling. But they are least bothered about the passengers. Government should take some drastic steps against the Airlines. Everything is locked down then why airlines are not locked down. Please do something so that our money will be saved. In such a situation please do not take advantage.

  12. Manoj Sharma

    the BJP government should give order to all airlines in india including air India, to give full refund or complimentary air tickets to all the passengers who have canceled flights due to corona virus.

  13. Sachin chikne

    I have booked 12 tickets of total Rs 36000 in indigo airline on 3rd April from pune to ahmedabad owing to coronavirus cancel tickets. Airlines refund only Rs 6000 they are using undo advantage of nature and helpless people. Poor services

  14. puja Begwani

    Indigo and spice jet not coming up with any resolurion is ridiculous.In this covid19 pandemic situation when all are advised to stay at home and fight with the virus then hoe can we travel..knowing the above situation also if the airlines are not giving any resolution is not acceptable.The cancellation charges arealmost equal to the flight charges in total and due to this uncertainity why passengers will bear all the losses.infact the ministry has also requested to look into this matter but these airlines are becoking ignorant.

  15. Haribabu Palavalasa

    Hi Everybody,

    I’ve Made A Round Trip Flight Booking With Gobibo,

    Traveller – Mr.Haribabu Palavalasa,

    1)PNR – WB7V6Q, Hyderabad – Kolkata, on 26/March/2020.

    2)PNR – S4ZC4T, Kolkata – Hyderabad, on 29/March/2020.
    From Yesterday Itself, It’s Showing That Booking Under Cancellation, And, Refund Request Process,

    I Didn’t Cancelled My Trip, But It’s Showing Like that,

    I’ve been Trying to Catch Goibibo, From Last Day Itself Regarding This Issue, But No One Is Responding On Dis,
    That Goibibo’s Customer Support Is Too Bad,

    Can Any1 Pls Suggest Me On This,

    Thanks In Advance,
    With Regards,
    Haribabu Palavalasa.

    • Ansuman Singh

      I have two bookings with GoAir G8-767 from Ahmedabad to Varanasi for 8th April by Goibibo. Today i had show a notification in Goibibo App that tickets had Covid Cancellation. But goibibo not providing me proper information regarding my boo King’s refund (cancellation) or reschedule. Due to which I’m not able to know more about my bookings only. PNR: (1) BCPG4H and (2)J9WZSG.

      Please help me…..

    • Ansuman Singh

      Goibibo making fool to his customer’s. I’m also facing same problem like you Haribabu Palavalasa. What can we do for this?

  16. Guljit singh

    I have booked from trivandrum to kolkata on 25 march…but due to some reason(corona outbreak) indigo has changed my flight timing n schedule and also gave me option for rescheduling or flight cancellation with full refund ….initially booked on make my trip…and so i cancelled my flight directly with indigo and they quoted a full refund of 26000INR. later approached make my trip and they only generated a refund of 9550INR …where the hell is rest of the amount…and mmt not responding to call ….they are cheating big time .so what can be done. Anybody ?


    My flight was also scheduled on 25th March from HYD-PAT-HYD. I booked my ticket from ixigo in Feb, last night i was just checking the cancellation amount, due to some technical glitch (not sure whether it was intentional from the parties involved), it automatically got cancelled and i received the SMS regarding the cancellation with the associated PNR number. It was just horrible that the air carriers atmre stooping to low for avoiding loss due to the prevailing condition across the globe. #WantFullRefund

  18. Naveen Marandi

    Indigo is simply looting us by charging us almost all the money of the ticket ….. I had booked a ticket from Agartala to Kolkata for 30th march now due to the fear of Corona I have cancelled the ticket…..the ticket was of rupees 2568 and the company is proving a refund of 268 ….. I mean why bothered to even give 200 rs you could’ve ripped me of with the whole amount

  19. NaveenMarandi

    I had booked my ticket from Agartala to Kolkata for an amount of 2568 but due to the fear of Corona I believed it was not safe to travel today I cancelled my ticket and the company “indigo” offered me a refund of only 268…… Our own countrymen are looting us in these hard times I request the government’s intervention to stop these robbery from these kind of companies

  20. Riyaz

    booked ticket from Sxr to Ranchi, via delhi in AIR ASIA, on 31st march, but how to reschedule when you don’t have any idea, about which date to choose as of now in INDIA ,Corona virus has disturbed everyones schedule. !?

  21. Siddaram

    I had cancelled my ticket ,journey is on 24th march and return journey on 30th march 2020.cancellation costed me full amount ( Rs 5756) and I got return of Rs 146 from vizag to bangalore and back .
    As I have to get full amount ,as flights are cancelled as per COVID -19

  22. Praveen Tiwari

    I have booked 2 tkts of 23 march from hyderabad to jabalpur
    And at the night of 22nd i came to know that hyderabad and jabalpur both are lockdown. I tried to contact customer care ,but i couldn’t. So, i cancelled tkt and recieved refund of 1200 out of 9000.
    I cancelled plan as per govt guideline.
    I think i have been cheated by airlines.

  23. Arunava Banerjee

    I have booked CCU COK 4tickets in indigo vide PNR no KE8VPL for one of my relatives. Amt is Rs24804/- by Indigo date of journey 5/4/2020. Due to this furious situation it’s to be cancelled. Indigo is claiming 3000/- per person canx chgs. So I’ve to pay for it 12000/- . Why it will be. Aviation ministry must do something for general public.

  24. Ramesh

    Booked with Indigo in Dec last for travel in first and second week of April. Indigo allowed only one option to rebook (postpone) by paying fare difference. Good. As I have chosen seats and paid money for that, they are saying that “boarding is done” so no chance for rebook. Okay run the flight as per schedule, we will board 👍

  25. Sujata Nandkishor Mohite.

    Happy easy go travel agency shows zero refund.Its bad experience to me also. All airlines not cooperating to their regular customers also.Not guiding properly what to abt our air tickets and refund policy or any other policy abt airfare.

  26. Umesh

    I had booked two flight tickets from Dharamshala to Varanasia(24March)and back to Dharamshala(26 March) through Make my trip.Since it was in news that reschedule can be done without price difference.I tried to call customer care but every time there was busy tone.I wasted to much time on calling customer care of MMT.I was fed up with this,even though I also made request to Mmt on mail.But again same message due to high volume came of customer care is busy
    At last I made my mind to cancel the ticket last week.
    Total amount paid was Rs.28797 but refund amount
    it’s showing is Rs.7668.

  27. Puran

    I have booked the ticket from Chennai to guwahati for 26th of March today 24th of March when I was checking IndiGo website by entering my PNR number it’s it with showing that my my flight got cancel but I haven’t got any message from indigo or from easy my trip from where I have booked my ticket I just need to know that how can I get my refund or how can I reschedule my journey we are totally confused as the customer care of indigo is not responding I was trying to call them from last 3 hours but they are keep on keeping us in hold need to know what is going on how much can we get a refund or can we reschedule the journey date please help the needful

  28. Ravi Thakur

    We (me and my wife)have booked our flights from Chandigarh to Mumbai for 27th March 2020 through ‘yatra’ via Vistara airlines but due to corona virus emergency when government has declared lockdown in most of the states, we decided to cancel our trip. We are trying to contact the airlines customer care for the same from last 3 days but are unable to get in touch for the same. Neither the airlines has taken the initiative yet to inform their passengers regarding the cancellation or the refund. Still waiting for the airlines to revert. As where as our flight from Indigo airlines Mumbai to Chandigarh on 20th March 2020 (cancelled through online Indigo website) has refunded only 2700 rupees against 10000 booking charges. Failed to understand why such heavy cancelled charges have been imposed when the cancellation is in support of the natural crisis.

  29. Samir

    I book a ticket for 24th march from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar. The total amount for ticket was 2568 and in refund I’m geeting just rupees 44 . Airline are making an advantage of the current situation.

  30. Akhapurna

    I have tickets from chandigarh-Delhi-guwahati at 26-03-2020 in Vistara Airlines. Today I got simply a msg that your flight get cancelled and there is not mention of any refund #wantmyfullrefund


    Same bad and sad experience for all of us with Air India Airlines. This is a National Disaster and the Government had imposed the Total Lockdown. So the Government and it’s Ministry Of Civil Aviation should come forward and pass an order to all Air Line Companies to refund the customers with immediate effect.

  32. Capt K.Devadas

    Avoid booking in Spice Jet airlines. They refused on 17th March , refund of our booked flight from Mumbai to Coimbatore for 21.3.2020 . Also postponement was allowed only up to End April 2020 then. Charged Rs 2200 for cancellation. Further it seems Akbar Travels ( booked thru them) will deduct another Rs 300 per ticket. Very unfair . Meanwhile “Go Air “ allowed postponed of our return ticket , though with the airfare difference. Time for the customers to be cautious .

  33. Sam

    I have booked a flight from Goa to Delhi which was scheduled for 25tm of March but when ai checked on Indigo website, it shows that the flight has been cancelled. There was no prior notification either from the Airline nor from where the tickets were booked and they are not waiving off reschedule fee as well. Their customer service numbers are not functioning and I am unable to get any insights on this issue. Airline states that there will be no cancellation and rescheduling fees but that’s not true. They are simply taking an advantage of this tough situation. Govt of India along with Aviation department should check on this and take stringent actions accordingly.

  34. Mridul Kumar Das

    I had booked 4 tickets from guwahati to hyderabad through makemytrio but sure to corona virus I want to cancel or reschedule the ticket. But reschedule is not working and on cancellation, they are refund only amount of Rs 3400 . We booked 4 tickets of amount Rs 17000 approximately. Request to government to take necessary action regarding this matter as this is not my problem but others are also facing same problem.

  35. MHP

    Same is the case. I booked my tickets from Chandigarh to Ahmedabad for travel date on 28 March 2020 by paying Rs 2196 extra for 4 tickets to MMT towards assured zero cancellation before 24 hours of departure. Due to corona threat, i am trying to cancel my tickets since last three days, suddenly MMT has stopped extending assured zero cancellation benifits without any prior notice or email/information and no refund. Shameless action by MMT. What kins of assurance they are giving at the time od booking. Just looting janta’a money. Wven no refund on convenience fees paid. Horrible experience.

  36. Santosh Vasant Taware

    I had booked ticket from MakeMyTrip from 5th April, while cancellation they are charging 90% as refund, which is not correct and government shall help to resolve and give full refund to common people like me

  37. Prabha

    I totally agree with u RAJU SAHA .On one side PM is telling people to stay at home on the other hand air india flight which i had booked for tomorrow 11:50am is rescheduled for tomorrow 5:50am.So how do the airline authority think that a person can travel when its total lockdown from midnight.morever no customer support is available n they eat up all the money. This is how govt should treat giving more headache n tension for people at home

  38. Nilendri behera

    I have booked flight from mumbai to shriyon 28th March in SpiceJet and return 1st April in indigo. Same issue happened with me because of corona I tried to call but phone was not connected. So I canceled the tickets I got refunded only 3800 out of 11000. The airlines have to refund the all amount

  39. Girish.l

    I have a flight from chennai to Aizawl on 26th due to the out break of domestic flights I could not travel and there is no response from make my trip or indigo no response for call for past 3 days as my flight is for tomo morning . Will I get a refund for it ???? As there no msg of cancellation or anything

  40. Vatsala Manohar

    I too had booked round trip tickets to and fro Mumbai costing about Rs 5300 through Make My, to travel on 22nd. Onward was Indigo flight and return was Spice jet. I had to cancel the tickets due to Curfew imposed on 22nd March, for I got nothing ,
    Rs 0
    It was non refundable tickets but still, the flights were automatically cancelled due to curfew so it was not my fault, right?

  41. Ritesh Ranjan

    I had booked ticket in Spicejet flight no SG-6425 date :25th march through
    It got cancelled by Airline due to Government order.
    its cancelled by Airline so it’s their responsibility to return my money. But their customer support number is not working.
    There is no any option showing in Manage booking option. I am worry about losing my money.

  42. Dihem

    My Cousin is traveling Pune to Imphal on 27th March, 2020. Please advise if we should cancel his ticket before 24 hours or if we dont cancel, would it automatically cancel n refund without we cancelling the ticket.

    @ Gurish I, did you get any cancellation msg or got refunded? I dont why there’s no information available about how one should cancel/wait for auto cancellation due to COVID19 flight lock down.

  43. Mukunda Deka


  44. Mukunda Deka

    AVIATION MINISTRY be proactive in issuing a circular to direct all air lines domestic to refund money to it’s customers account soon for flight hold up by government directives. People’s many should not be allowed to go in vain. If the government fails to rise in the time of crisis people may loose faith on the government.
    Please convey the refund directive to all domestic run flights.

  45. Rahul Vishwakrma

    I booked ticket from flipkart on 10th march for a journey on 28th march. Flight is cancelled by Indigo.
    Then i started trying to contact Indigo. After trying to contacting since 6 days. I goes to website & chose the option where they say ‘ you will get refund in form of Credit which can used for further travelling ‘.
    I got the notice which says you will get full refund but because you booked from travel agency (flipkart), you need to contact them. I am totally horrified. Then i went to Flipkart. And they said you will not get refunded after deduction of cancellation charges.
    I am feeling duped & thinking even in 2020 they are looting money saying it’s our RULE.


    I have booked a flight ticket from GOP TO CCU for 28th March 2020 in Indigo flight through make my trip apps. But unfortunately both the Indigo Airlines and Make my trip customer care are unavailable over phone. But due to Lockdown for Covid-19 upto 14th April 2020 it is not possible to make journey on the particular booking date. It is our earnest request to the Airlines as well as to the Government to take appropriate action for refund of full vlalue of tickes.

  47. T R Sundaram

    Customer should get full refund if any airline cancel their flights and should not be compelled to reschedule their flights. DGCA and civil aviation ministry should intervene and give directives to all airlines without any delay

  48. Ansuman Singh

    I have two bookings with GoAir G8-767 from Ahmedabad to Varanasi for 8th April by Goibibo. Today i had show a notification in Goibibo App that tickets had Covid Cancellation. But goibibo not providing me proper information regarding my boo King’s refund (cancellation) or reschedule. Due to which I’m not able to know more about my bookings only. PNR: (1) BCPG4H and (2)J9WZSG.

    Please help me…..

  49. Subhash Chand singhal

    Mining goibibo dwara indigo flight ki 3 ticket Varanasi to Bangalore 9 April ki banvae thi abhi Bharat sarkar ne 14 April truck lock down kar diya hai Corona virus ke chalte main apni e ticket cancel karvana chahta hun kya mujhe refund hundred percent milega

  50. Avishek Raj

    I have booked 2 tickets of spice jet Airlines dated 10/04/20 for Patna to AHM. through Make my trip. The problem is same here as discussed by many passengers .They are not refunding the full amount or nor waving charges for rescheduling the flight.
    They are cutting almost around 6500 rs. For cancellations . For rescheduling ,again they are changing the difference money which comes 5000 rs.
    So it’s totally unfair with the customers.The aviation ministry should intervened and do something in favor of the customer.

  51. Paresh

    Meri flight 23march ki thi 3.35pm ko Mumbai to goa ,o flight cancel hoke mere ko 24march ki 12.30am ki de ,lekin corona viras ke kaaran lockdown tha airport pohachne ko option he nahi tha o flight miss hue ,hame janbujke thode flight miss ki pura Maharashtra band tha our spicejet ka customer care no bhi nahi lagrahatha mere ko refund mil sakta he ky,nahi mila to cort me jana padega

  52. Atul kapoor

    Sir , My Indigo flights from Vadodara to Delhi on 26th March 2020 and indigo flight from Chandigarh to Ahmedabad on 2nd April 2020 cancelled due to Carona virus . Indigo not bothered to intimate about cancellation and refund or reschedule flight trips . So sir , what to do .
    Kindly look into matter.

  53. Srikant GODSE

    If the airlines cannot refund the fares, the credit retained should be allowed for any other booking for other persons, ( not same passengers) so that both the parties can agree

  54. Kishore sahu

    I have booked 3 tickets of goair through make my trip journydate25march20 goverment announced stop all domestic flights but make my trip showed your journy is completed and showed me i hope have a nice journy ,what can i do any body help me

  55. Vr

    I have booked tickets with air Asia for 1st apr Government should look into the matter and provide complete refund.
    Air Asia is not giving credit option if booked through cleartrip. This is unfair.

  56. mohit

    i have booked ticekt fron new delhi to patna 25th march …but due to covid – my flight goibbo cancle …and no refund my mony …why……what can i do…..?

  57. Devika das

    I have booked 3 tickets from hyderabad to Guwahati, but due to corona lock down all the flights are at stake, so that is not our fault so why should we bare all the charges, air Asia customer service is not receiving our call nor responding anything on refund or free rescheduling date, what do we do now plz help.

  58. Dhirendra Dayaram Tripathi

    I had booked mumbai jaipur tickets for may 1st 2020
    Paying additional fees for zero cancellation charges ,for Spicejet through make my trip.

    Due to the corona crisis the function has been cancelled and i looked through MMT for cancellations policy.And was amazed that they wouldn’t honour the zero cancellation policy,that according to Spicejet policy i will lose almost all my money{except the part paid for zero cancellation!
    The whole purpose is defeated and absolutely unfair.
    That the flights may not take off is another matter.

  59. Diktsha Gurung

    I booked flight tickets one for 25th and another for 16th (,Banglore to Bagdogra)
    But both the flight tickets are cancelled and I hvn’t received the single amount back
    Please try to fix it as soon as possible🙏

  60. Sunitha

    I have booked two flights on April 11th 2020 and 15th of April ahmedabad to bangalore but m not able to contact airlines and online portal people… since now all flights are cancelled please make arrangements to get refund

  61. Ramkumar Singh

    My ques is INDIGO gvn a credit shell amt valid for 1 year n say passanger will be same then what about source to destination.. is possible to use this amt for any source to destination for same passanger plz let me know

  62. Praveen Kumar G

    I have cancelled my ticket for travel date on 24 march 2020, due to interstate transport closed and I couldn’t reach Delhi airport from Dehradun city. When I try to reschedule the flight huge reschedule fee was showing so I cancelled and booking website refunded zero rupees. I would request if possible kindly refund my money as I am in no job position. I lost 23K in this booking and cancelling the tickets. All tickets from Indigo airlines.. Thank you.

  63. Dharamdev yadav

    My flight was from Varansi to Ahmedabad on 22 March 2020 INDIGO and return flight GOAIR 28 March Ahmedabad to Varansi .
    due to Covid 19 outbreak and govt decision on lock down travel not possible and no flight takeoff. Then after INDIGO make refund but GOAIR not . I call many time in GOAIR customer care 3 hour continue many times but now any executive pick up calm ans respond to my query. I want refund from GOAIR. now government of India also issue advisory to refund. Pls me me

  64. Ruby Basak

    My flight was 23rd march 12am. due to covid 19. I was not able to catch flight so I request indigo refund my money .My trip was pune to kolkata pl look after that matter it’s not my fault.refund my money or give creditshell against that ticket.I was trying to reschedule my ticket but there is no option, it occurred suddenly without notice. From Indigo there were no information given regarding this matter and there were no help provide from customer care.

  65. Shashank Naranje

    I have booked Indigo ticket online through from Mumbai to Nagpur for 16th April . Due to Covid 19 flight has been cancelled. I have sent email to Indigo and for refund, but they are not responding. Kindly look into the matter.

  66. K P Venkata Krishna Rao

    We family of 10 members planned visit to Chardham , paid advance amount to GMVN Hyderabad & booked Chardham Yatra from Haridwar scheduled date from 18/05/2020, we 20 members booked Indigo flight 10 tickets up & down journey from Hyderabad & Dehradun for dates 17/05/2020 & 27/05/2020. Few days ago GMVN Hyderabad has informed us that Chardham Yatra is cancelled in May 2020 due to Pandemic, also, now Indigo also cancelled flights upto 17/05/2020 due to covid-19, Indigo informed that they are not refunding the amount instead keeping in wheel and should be utilised within one year by the same person, I feel this too much, out of 10members 8 members are between 50 & 75 years age, we are not regular travelers in flights, because to avoid long journey from Hyderabad to Haridwar, also to avoid exhaust in 20 Chardham Yatra we preferred to go by flights, now immediately during 2020 & 2021 we do not have plan to visit Chardham, also we do not go other places in flights. Govt should think about unilateral decision of Indigo keeping the pilgrims hard earned money in shell for one year and use compulsory, it is very much unjustified, we request govt to please take positive decision to refund the cancelled flights tickets amount to the customers for which we will thank Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Garu.

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