Delhi based startup introduces new suite of products to combat the effect of covid-19

To combat Covid-19, Green Grapes Devices announced the introduction of a Face Recognition Temperature Detector and a Sanitization Tunnel or Kiosks.

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Covishield Gap

Whilst India fights the battle against Covid-19 , Green Grapes Devices - a Delhi based start-up for digital display solutions, introduced two new high-end products the Face Recognition Temperature Detector  to detect people with fever and an automated sensor-based Sanitization Tunnel to ensure disinfection through a sanitization tunnel which would further help to reduce the spread of coronavirus in the country.


The Face Recognition Temperature Detector is an automatic non-contact body temperature equipment with infrared temperature detection and face recognition which foretells thebody temperature of an individual standing in-front of it. Additionally, it also identifies unmasked personnel and raisereal-time warning. The product comes in two models: Wall-mounted type and column-mounted type, featuring measurement range between 30-45 () and automatically registers the data on cloud to streamline processes, enhance productivity and reduce reporting of information.

Another product designed to deliver unprecedented protection is the new automated sensor-based Sanitization Tunnel which disinfects a person who walks through the tunnel with overhead sprayers sprinkling the disinfectant solution of Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QAC). The average size of the tunnel comes with the dimensions of 1240mm (L) x 1240mm (B) x 2480mm (H), of which the average user time scales between five to seven seconds.

“The struggle against coronavirus pandemic continues to make an impact globally. However, to reduce the stretch and spread of the virus, we have introduced our flagship products to curb the situation we face today” said Piyush Sahni, co-founder, Green Grapes Devices. He further added that, “The principle behind these products is very simple:  it enables any and every organization like hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping malls to scale up their safety standards and take their security implementations seriously. Especially in offices, as it records the attendance strength of the employees too thereby eliminating the chances of touching biometric machines used for keeping the attendance record of any firm.



Where the entire world is battling against this pandemic, Green Grapes Device has taken the initiative to help the country achieve a higher level of safety standard and help eliminate the virus from spreading further with the combination of the FaceRecognition Temperature Detector and the  Sanitization Tunnel .