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CoWIN and Aarogya Setu are Not Sending OTP, Say Users Trying to Book Appointments

CoWIN and Aarogya Setu are not sending OTP for booking vaccine appointments, say several users on social media platforms as they struggle with the platforms

CoWIN and Aarogya Setu are currently not sending OTP, says users who claim to be trying to schedule vaccination appointments from the past one hour. Verification through OTP is a mandatory process for citizens to log in to the portal and schedule appointments. Citizens have been taking to social media platforms to capture the attention of authorities.

“I’m not able to receive OTP for login into CoWIN or Aarogya Setu. Please resolve the issue ASAP,” says Mudit Gupta like several others who claim to be facing the same issue. “Government should consider renaming CoWin to NoWin. Not getting OTP to sign-in all throughout the day today,” says another users Mini Parameswaran.

“Been trying to book vaccination for an hour. Issues faced: 1 Was booking the time slot and got logged out 2 was booking the time slot and got an error for entering correct security code 3 now I am logged out and there is no OTP from CoWIN,” says Mohit Bhatia.” A similar issue was reported the day the portal was opened up for the 18 plus category on 28 April 2021.

However, the issue was resolved a few hours later. Citizens are advised to check back after some time, as OTP issues arise due to a high volume of users logging on to the CoWIN portal to book appointments. CoWIN has also issued new guidelines, called “four-digit security feature“, for users that will come into effect from 8 May 2021 onwards.

93 responses to “CoWIN and Aarogya Setu are Not Sending OTP, Say Users Trying to Book Appointments”

  1. Prasad says:

    that’s right, even I am unable to get OTP of cowin app. Been trying for a long time.

  2. Shilpa says:

    This issue is still not resolved. I tried alot but unable to receive Otp on both arogya Setu and cowin app.

  3. P K Agarwal says:

    I think entire process of vaccination is derailed. Some time otp is not generated, even vaccination slots are not available, shortage of covacin, no priority for second dose, registered people are send back, walking people with power are getting importance.

  4. Nitin Goel says:

    I am also not getting OTP

  5. Punyatoya Mohanty says:

    Even I was trying for last 2 hrs but unable to getting the OTP.

  6. Jude Vaz says:

    This is an issue with the Cowin App. The Arogya Setu App sends an otp. I had been trying since the last 2 months to register on the Cowin App, but to no awail. Finally I managed to succeed on the Arogya Setu app

  7. Vishal says:

    I stay at pune in bhawani peth I also not getting sheduel time and date and hospital name by entering pincode of vaccinationcenter but registration got confirm so getting very erited

  8. Mark Noronha says:

    Very true I have been trying since a week and can’t get through this cowin app,to get online regeneration.we need to resolve this soon as possible.

  9. Karan Dave says:

    Yes I am also not getting OTP from last 3 to 4 hr. And from last 6 to 7 days I am not getting any appointment also so please tell me what to do.

  10. Mitesh kothari says:

    I am trying to book appointment…when i found slot and try to book there is message appear failed to confirm your vaccination.may please try again


    Captcha is recently introduced to book the slot which is very time consuming and nothing vb happens when you enter a captcha by the time you enter th captcha all the slots are booked

  12. Nilesh Shete says:

    Forget OTP, many time confirm appointment also cancelled after 2,3 hours. Senior citizen who already cross 45days time not getting dose and govt only open vaccination center without stock

  13. TSMaheswaran says:

    Cowin is a mess in many ways. 1. No.or late OTP 2. Id reflected incorrectly in certificate. 3. Regn done in the app is not passed on to.the centre. Centre is not aware.4. Erratic auto cancellation a day before bit site shows appointments full. 5. No.means of corrections on line or through centres.
    Nothing to be proud of.

  14. Meera Khanna says:

    I have not received OTP. I need vaccination.please let me know what to do.

  15. Vishal p says:

    Who is sms gateway provider to cowin and Sethu app for sending OTP sms. Government should ban service provider.

  16. Mohanakumar MK says:

    I have bèn trrying for vaccination since 23 Apr 2021 in Ernakulam District’Kerala State but in vain so far no slot is available for booking and we get a list of centers showing All bookked it is like cheating those who want to book on line

  17. Swastik Sarangi says:

    I am trying to book slot for vaccination while booking its showing the slot has already booked ..When i.asked to.customer care they are telling there is some technical.problem….Is technical problem 24 x7…Also they are saying we dont aware about vaccination….if they.dont aware why they.are working …

  18. Sanchita Ganguly Dey says:

    I managed to get the otp only once if i try 10 times. This portal is not working. I have been trying since 1st to get a slot.

  19. Amulya Kumar Mishra3 says:

    While booking for a slot it shows no vaccination centre available for scheduling

  20. Aliasgar Bhagat says:

    Even after getting OTP either we dont have a vaccination centre around us or the slots have already been booked for that day.. They tell us to do online booking but some centres also offer offline booking at odd hours…God save the world

  21. Geo says:

    I had no issue in getting OTP. The problem starts after u schesudle appointment for +18 yr in . In Mumbai u have Nanavati allways booked. Hardly one or two hospital showing NA this is from 7:30 to 8 pm . After 8 pm all hospital shows booked and u left out like a fool. My suggestion Cowin admistrator is all booking ahould allowed from people account who have registered not from the Hospital who certainly has accesa through the COWIN App. In other Place like latur ,pune,nagpur dis dont happen its only an issue for Mumbai.

  22. NILAM MISTRY says:

    I m trying from last 4 days….first it shows no vaccine slot…n after sometime it shows all slots are booked!!!!

  23. Paul Dsouza says:

    Pin code does not reflect,
    Gets. blank eg 400051

  24. Hema Nadkarni says:

    OTP is an issue. Appts always booked even before 7.30 pm. I chk during the day. Looks like its a joke. Asking citizens to take appt but not getting one. 60+ are the most harrassed population. Now the govt is asking local corporators to open vaccination centers but where are the vaccines? Why was this not planned earlier, before all the 60+ had to stand in queue for 3/4 hours, without any family support to guide them how yo book the Appts on the app. All are not tech savvy. Pathetic situation handled by authorities.

  25. Vinod Tejwani says:

    I have being trying from yesterday in cowin an Aarogya Setu aap both are not working but today setu aap open today no vaccine available any were placed give us asap

  26. SUJEETA GUPTA says:

    Really fedupwhile registering for my second dose… slot opened….no idea whe slots booking is opened n closed.we should know when slot is open.thry should ingor us abt ssecound dose date….kindly help how to book.

  27. Anil kumar shama says:

    Since last four days Iam trying to get appointment for my son who is 20 year old in Delhi Dwarka but not able to get date schedule and govt given ad that vaccasination ia going in full swing nothing happen in Delhi parties are doing their self development and try to earn money by hook or crook in between political parties normal public are like millstone
    Really Pathatic situation in India no body try to do our best every where parties slogan that we r fighting with corona but public jobless / business finish / money req from public / stay home public but govt fighting with corona if u r what we r doing we have to pay tax / GST but no benefit no beds no oxygen but leader not pay tax /gst but get VIP get treatment they r getting all benefit without doing anything but public just Becoz them u r leader and all benefits are for leaders only Pathatic one thing minimum 33% leader can reduce in India economy will streamline within one month.

  28. Anil kumar shama says:


  29. Anil kumar says:

    No OTP, NO SLOT FOR VACCINATION, All govt portal has CONTINUOUS SERVER ISSUE, PETROL @100.. NO BEDS FOR COVID PATIENTS, local mlas are still goons, RTOS still need bribes, police r still the thieves, politicians r still looting…… This is digital india & Ache Din…

  30. Sneha says:

    We are facing similar issues here in nashik.. earlier we got scheduled for vaccination for 22nd may and then we received a text from cowin yesterday that it has been cancelled with no further information regarding it leaving us clueless…just cancelled even it was confirmed and now we are not able to schedule it in any of the centres here.. totally disappointed!

  31. Srestha Singh says:

    Forget otp, there is some real time problem in d app. Inspite of not updating any data or going to any place, it is showinh moderate to high risk in my mobile. I tried to refresh it and again download it.. But d error continued. And d most amazing and noticeable thing, it happend to around 35 ppl in my offc, where arogya setu app is must for entering d premises.

  32. Krishnan says:

    No slots available

  33. Kiran gutta says:

    Arogya setu application working to register vaccination. Here you can see I have register Helpline 1075,

  34. Praveen kumar p says:

    10:15AM I recieved a OTP when I finished my night shift n I was in deep sleep. Looks like even this app has been hacked to make a scam out of the vaccine. Wish we had an option to update the screenshot, I would have shown how complicated is it to register for educated people like us n imagine the situation of migrants n illiterate people….

  35. Ruchita Baheti says:

    Ya really OTP problem is a big problem when slot are open it log out when again we login no otp is coming.

  36. Manoswamy says:

    When the vaccination crossed will stop

  37. Viyaan vats says:

    From last 4 days I m trying to book a slot for vaccination it won’t work at the end of day it shows all slots are booked.

  38. Praveen Batra says:

    I am continuously trying to get myself registered since last few days through Cowin and Arogaya Setu but on both app OTP is not coming. It looks that total system is a flop. Will somebody tell me what to do?

  39. Rushad says:

    I keep on trying every 5 minutes on the cowin app sometimes the otp arrives sometimes not but whenever i try to book the slot it always says booked, is the app joking or the government joking with people. There i counted 76 centres from which 73 were 45 plus only 3 centres for 18 plus, if such an incapable attitude stop online registration for 18 plus. Actually it should be other way as youth venture out more for livelihood than the senior citizens. Total rubbish. When will they complete vaccinating people at this rate no idea in Mumbai. Now we had enough of lockdowns since one and half year government should stop this lockdown business and stress more on vaccinating people. Just increasing vaccination centres without the stock. Sorry sad state of affairs.

  40. Manzoor Ahmad Kirmani says:

    I had been trying to fix appointment from last week but no OTP sent. However I succeeded on laptop.

  41. Kartik Pandit says:

    From last 4 days of experience for booking in the category of 18+…..the issues are

    Takes lot of time to get OTP
    Addition of security code delays the whole process
    After 10 min of getting OTP the system disconnects u from the booking sever but does not say so
    The screen where u r waiting for a centre to open booking does not indicate that u have been logged out
    Once centre opens u input the alpha code but it says that your code is invalid when the code is correctly inputed
    Wrong code means u have been logged out and u miss the booking as u r not connected to the server
    The option is log in again via OTP. But OTP takes time
    In this process the slots are exhauseted

  42. Dhiraj Manohar Chandpure says:

    I check for the slots every 1 or 2 hour but always it shows booked for 18+ , in our area there r 3 centers but no slot is shown, and when I check in the evening time for book an appointment for next day suddenly the slot is full all booked , how this happens when I am checking for an appointment in every 1 or 2 hour interval , and also facing problem to receive otp on cowin and arogyasetu apps.
    Something is wrong with this apps,

  43. subrata chakraborty says:

    since last 5 days i am trying but same problem as others said I am facing … no otp …I have already taken my 1st dose but still site shows not vaccinated … I want to ask government if I am not vaccinated then what was injected to me by the government lead by some illeratate administrators …and what is dreaming our prime minister on oyr life and death …

  44. Nandita Basroor says:


  45. Pankaj Chaturvedi says:

    प्रार्थी पंकज चतुर्वेदी को वेक्सिन की पहली डोज “भारत विकास परिषद, फरीदाबाद हरियाणा प्रशासन द्वारा “सूरज प्रकाश आरोग्य केंद्र, के सामने, फरीदाबाद में ली थी किन्तु तात्कालिक परिस्थितियों में उसे इस संदर्भ में पत्थर भी नहीं मिला, जबकि उसने आरोग्य सेतु से से भी रजिस्टर कराया था पर एपाइंटमेंट नहीं मिला। अतः आपसे अनुरोध है कि उसे कौन सी वेक्सिन मिली है अवगत कराते व यह भी बताते दूसरी डोज कब लेनी है।

  46. HEMAL SHAH says:

    It just does not work data is not shown vorrectly either.
    why are we fooling around and wasting people precious time.

  47. D K BISWAS says:

    I am not getting 2nd dose of Covishield because ist dose given hospital dose not have vaccine, as per system of cowin i cannot book other.

  48. D K BISWAS says:

    I am not getting 2nd dose of covishield because ist dose given hospital does not have vaccine last 10 days and as per app i am unable to book other place.

  49. Hilloowala says:

    Yes I hv also been trying but no OTP, if they know that they will not send why make people waste time to keep trying.

  50. Nayyar says:

    Only one thing to say, remember this day when you vote in 2024,!

  51. Rahul says:

    COWIN is sending OTP there is some issue with mobile service providers. I am registered with both VI and JIO when i tried with JIO i didnt get OTP for many hours when the slot gets open whereas VI is sending messages all time almost 100% time i would say.

  52. Srividhya Vijay says:

    I booked a slot and went to the centre to get my second dose but were sent back after they had given 200 tokens and the people who stood in line had not taken appointment slots. This is the way BMC organizes the vaccination. Those who are disciplined and book slots for vaccinations don’t get the shot but those who come and stand in line without a booked slot get it. It was very disappointing. The people standing in queue don’t maintain social distancing and the police are furious. I requested the police to give tokens to those who were standing in line behind the 200 who were given tokens, so that at least next day we will be given preference but no use. The police just kept announcing “Only 200 shots are available.. Others please return to your respective homes” of course this was in Marathi. I am never going to try to get a 2nd shot now. Let the BMC come to each and every street and vaccinated ppl as they do for polio. I have lost interest now and would rather sit at home and stand on that crowded queue and get infected.

  53. Ramit Basu says:

    The last OTP I received was on Thursday 6th of May at 12.40pm. Since then I have not been getting OTP till now and I have tried almost a dozen times. This is ridiculous and need to be looked into immediately.

  54. Jignixa says:

    Trying to get slot for vaccination from last three days but trying after each and every hour. There is session not available but suddenly it booked fully. Some thing might be wrong.

  55. Satish says:

    At last I took second dose but not received message and certificate and I went to the hospital where I took vaccine no one showing responsibility

  56. Dibakor Das says:

    I have been trying for last few days to get a scheduled date for vaccination for my 18 plus son and daughter, but OTP doesn’t come. Again I am not getting any response for second dose of vaccination for me and my wife. Not responding to the facility is wastage of valuable time. This should be done in a clear cut manner, yes or no.

  57. Dibakor Das says:


  58. Pravin surwase says:

    I went at Sujata Birla vaccination center at Nashik .
    I stood in line from 8 a.m. My number came at 2.00 p.m..As per the guidelines seconds can take in-between 28 to 56 for covishield.
    But they refuse to give me as I haven’t completed 45 day of first dose….
    So what we can say about this???Theses centers are not following the guidines issued by goverment of India.

  59. Shishir Shetty says:

    Yes even I’m trying to register and I’m not able to get otp.

  60. Syed says:

    For the last several day I have been trying frequently to get a slot got second shot of covishield without success.

  61. chandrodoy pal says:

    I am not getting select timeslot option from that specific hospital.

  62. Chetan Gowda says:

    I have tried with 3 different phone numbers and mobile. None of them have received OTP. Ridiculous

  63. Jasmine shaha says:

    Didn’t receive any OTP..tried atleast 5-6 times.
    Facing the same problem for a couple of days now…
    Really disappointed.

  64. Chetan Phanse says:

    Recieving no sms tried few times across days, really frustrating

  65. Achandel says:

    Keep getting logged out at the final moment and then the slot is booked in seconds …some shit show the govt is running…expect them to do something right …?? Don’t waste your energy expecting anything Govt run to work smoothly

  66. Veena Deshpande says:

    I am not receiving OTP. Pls help..

  67. Veena Deshpande says:

    This is the first time I have tried giving a feedback on cowin app. Not sure why is it saying it’s a duplicate message. I qm not receiving OTP from cowin

  68. Sandhya says:

    Really fed up with cowin app. Not getting otp for login.

  69. Shahin says:

    I am not getting otp to download vaccination certificate

  70. LDS says:

    Are we been pranked by the government… The SMS never comes… I am just not able to login

  71. Arvind says:

    Is someone checking on why is the issue not solved yet?

  72. Aniket Berde says:

    I m getting error while doing login
    I m getting generate otp failed massege while login any solution for this???

  73. Chandni patel says:

    I m not getting otp nd error show failed to generate otp

  74. Kalpesh Nikam says:

    Same message error

  75. Shiv Malhotra says:

    I am not getting otp
    Pls help

  76. Shraddha Nimbalkar says:

    Unable to login, facing following error : generate OTp failed.

    Please help me with it

  77. Nishtha puri says:

    I have not able to log in cowin app since morning..every time I log in its say generate OTP there some way to get OTP.Its very annoying.

  78. R K SINHA says:

    I am not able to log in to with my mobile log in to cowin portal since 3 PM on 7 June 2021 and I am unable to book vaccination slot for second dose. I am getting error message “generate OTP failed “.This was raised with cowin help line 01123978046 twice but with no result. The cowin trachnical helpline was contacted on phone but nobody lifted the phone. I am losing precious time in booking my second of vaccine.

  79. Dipak says:

    “Generate OTP failed” error message continued since yesterday where we should contact to resolve?
    Not able to login from Arogya setu or umangapp too

  80. Gargee Biswas says:

    Since yesterday I have been trying to log in to cowin website but it is showing “Generate OTP failed” . Is there any other way to get OTP?

  81. Anuj says:

    Incase there is an issue with the OTP/other account related problem, then the Govt. should allow the citizen to register using adhaar number. For e.g. I am vaccinated but my wife isn’t for 2nd dose but she is registered under my mobile number. Govt. should allow her to register by her mobile or adhaar number, that way citizens who are waiting for the 2nd dose will atleast be able to access the CoWin and look for slots. Right now we are completely stuck , unable to reach technical team , 1075 doesn’t have the answer … Pllllllllllese resolve this issue fast.

  82. Prashant Raikar says:

    Forget the free vaccine, not even getting the slots for paid one. Where I open the COWIN app or arogyasetu it asks to enter mobile number but we do not receive the otp & Vaccine is not given without prior slot booking in hospitals.

  83. G Renuka says:

    I am not getting OTP to download the certificate

  84. Aashish says:

    Not receiving OTP to login to cowin

  85. Vimaladharan says:

    I am not receiving OTP for cowin login.

  86. Aatul Palandurkar says:

    Trying to login CoWin app bit not getting OTP from 3 days now. Bakwas app.

  87. Balaji says:

    I have been trying to get OTP on COWIN the last few days to book for my second jab. No OTP. I think Supreme court should step into this too to ensure people are able to login.

  88. Amol HK says:

    Due for 2nd Dose, but not receiving OTP from last 4 days how to get 2nd dose? Solve this issue before making any announcement regarding fully vaccination

  89. Shalini says:

    Worst experience with co-win much does it actually take to get a OTP

  90. Sarat rout says:

    Otp not eligible

  91. Khushbu modi says:

    Keep trying to get otp for cowin site. But its not sending any. Its been 24 hr passed. I tried again. But still not sending otp 🥲

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