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Should the Coronavirus Lockdown in India be Extended? Yes say Citizens of the Country

The Coronavirus lockdown in India could be extended beyond 21 days according to various sources, and decision on the same may be announced in the days to come

While the Government of India is yet to announce their decision on the ongoing lockdown in the country, the Coronavirus lockdown in India should be extended, say anxious citizens of the country. Several users wrote to DataQuest saying all efforts to contain the proliferation of Coronavirus will be in vain should the lockdown be lifted in the country after April 14.

“I strongly suggest that our PM should extend the lockdown furthermore to avoid the onslaught of COVID-19. Because India is not well equipped with the medical facilities,” says Monica Pednekar. “Yes it should be extended till the time situation comes under control otherwise there is a potential danger of spreading it largely as the number of infected are multiplying,” says Manoj.

“Our respected PM Modiji has taken a very wise decision of 21 days lockdown just to safeguard the life of citizens of the entire country. If he will open the lockdown then there will be no stopping of spreading of this virus as then people will not stay at home and then cases will keep on doubling day by day. Then it will be a complete waste to apply this 21 days lockdown. The economy will again come up slowly but life is more important in this situation. So I as a citizen request PM Modiji to extend this lockdown,” say Shwetha Mittal like several others on DataQuest.

Will the Coronavirus Lockdown in India be Extended?

According to sources with knowledge on the matter, the lockdown in India may most likely be extended. “Air India has stopped taking any flight bookings until 30 April 2020. Why would they take such a big decision if they didn’t anticipate an extension of the lockdown in India?” said a source who does not wish to be named.

Furthermore, a study by the Centre of Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge suggests that India needs three consecutive lockdowns, first one lasting 21 days, the second one of 28 days and the third lockdown of 18 days to fully contain the Coronavirus outbreak. Nevertheless, the Government of India so far has been tight-lipped about the extension of the lockdown in India. Various reports on the extension of lockdown have also been dismissed as mere speculation.

However, as the number of positive cases climbs to 4,400 despite the extensive lockdown in India, sources claim that State governments have been contemplating on the extension of the lockdown. While the Government of India has categorically denied all such reports, more details on the same is expected to unfold in the days to come.

2 responses to “Should the Coronavirus Lockdown in India be Extended? Yes say Citizens of the Country”

  1. Sukh Saini says:

    I agree with India to extend the lockdown for few more days, but what about people who are stuck in India ? Because of the ban of all the transportation and quick lockdown, lot of foreigners like us are unwillingly sitting here . They will loose their jobs, houses , and I don`t know how long it will take for them live a normal person`s life.

    It would be better if India allows at least some international flights so the foreigners can go home. Otherwise no one like to visit India in the nearest future.

    And what about the poor people who have to work everyday to get paid. Lockdown means , no work for them. They will survive the virus but not the hunger.

  2. Subhashini says:

    Yes .The lockdown should be extended as our honorable PM Modiji idea
    It is mainly for the sake our country welfare
    And also for the people by not spreading this covid19
    This has to be done strictly and everyone must get their basic needs at their doorsteps to get free from this pandemic one
    Our PM and all public service personalities are hardworking let’s support them
    Jai hind

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