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Will the 21-Days Coronavirus Lockdown in India be Extended? No says the Government

Contrary to the claims of some rumors, the Government of India has no plans to extend the 21-Days Coronavirus Lockdown in India

The Government of India has rubbished reports that were claiming that the 21-Days Coronavirus lockdown in India, which came into effect on 25 March 2020 in India, would be extended. The government has just announced that there is, as of now, no intention to extend the lockdown in India beyond 14 April 2020.

“Alert : There are rumours & media reports, claiming that the Government will extend the 21-days lockdown in India when it expires. The Cabinet Secretary has denied these reports, and stated that they are baseless,” tweeted the Press Information Bureau of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Earlier today, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba said that he was surprised to see such reports and also stated the government had no such plans of extending the lockdown, according to ANI. The 21-days lockdown, which was announced on 23 March 2020 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, prohibits people from stepping out of their homes to ensure social distancing and prevent the virus from spreading.

With the successful enforcement of the lockdown from 25 March, several offices, industries, educational institutions, shops and malls have been shutdown in the country. Millions of employees have been asked to work from home, while students are being encouraged to take to online education.

PM Modi apologized to the country yesterday for taking a harsh measure like the 21-days Coronavirus lockdown that was causing inconvenience to everyone in the country, but also stated it was necessary to curb the Coronavirus pandemic. Since Coronavirus has no known vaccine and no specific treatment to cure the disease, social distancing is being strictly enforced by governments across the world.


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