Bring Old Twitter Back say Users

A recent Twitter update doesn’t seem to have gone down well users as several of them have tweeted asking for the old version back

New Update

Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms, recently introduced a new update. While the update introduced on 15 July 2019 was meant to make the platform more user friendly, it seems to have irked users who are now tweeting requesting the old user interface be brought back. “This new layout is total flop, I hate this new layout. Please give me my old layout, give me "Switch to legacy Twitter" option,” says one such tweet from an account called Aesthetic Art.


“oh my god the new twitter layout was forced upon me and it's a solid 0/10 please make it stop i am going to remove my eyes from my body soon and give them to science thank you,” says tweets Dr Lupo. Nevertheless, Twitter says in its official blog that the update aims at making the user interface ‘faster, easier to navigate and more personalized’. Some of the new features include the following:

  1. Bookmarks, lists, and the user’s profile have been provided up front and have their own spot on the side navigation, thus aiming at making it easier for users to jump between different tabs.
  2. Direct messages have all been put in one place.
  3. Switching between accounts has been made faster.
  4. User accounts can now be personalized with different themes and color options, along with two options for dark mode.

However, users do not seem to be appreciating the themes as well. “Another thing I keep seeing in my mentions is people saying they haven't gotten the update yet & asking what the update looks like. This is what the new twitter looks like unfortunately. The 1st pic is the new layout in light mode, while the 2nd pic is the new layout in dark mode,” says Kaley on Twitter.


How to Get the Old Twitter Back?

Several users have already found a way out to get old user interface back, and seems to work. The following are the steps that need to be taken:

  1. Click Privacy and Settings
  2. Click About Twitter
  3. Click Directory, which will then open a new tab.
  4. Click Home on the upper left to restore the old user interface.

What would you as users have to say about the new update? Is it good or do you miss the old Twitter as well? Do let us know in the comment section below.