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ADG Online successfully manages brand Yogi Adityanath on social media

ADG Online, a new-age digital market maker, specializes in formulating digital-lead gen strategy and conversion-led plans. ADG Online has been helping various blue chip accounts and government organizations in devising their reputation in the online media space.

Anuj Sayal, Group CMD of ADG Online Solutions, M&N Retail, AATech and Wallace legal Services, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview:

Dataquest: Tell us about ADG Online. How long have you been in the digital marketing industry?

Anuj Sayal: ADG Online solutions Pvt Ltd is 10-year-old organization, which started as a digital marketing agency. Over the years, ADG Online brought in Fortune 500 customers under its portfolio. We served to Cisco, NEC, Trend Micro, Intel, Microsoft, VLCC, etc.

We started software services and government business in the last three years and served over 20+ ministries/PSUs/organizations. In the government sector, we have served some of the prestigious ministries in IT, information and broadcasting, defense, tourism, agriculture UP government, UP chief minister, etc.

Dataquest: You are currently managing the UP Govt. and Yogi Adityanath’s profiles on social media. What kind of challenges did you face while doing so?

Anuj Sayal: The UP Government and UP chief minister’s accounts have been very prestigious, and the same time, very challenging for us. We had a major challenge to build Yogi Adityanath as brand on social media. In the last one year, Yogi Adityanath became the No. 2 brand on social media following the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Yogi Adityanath is a leading name in the social media among all the chief ministers of India. We had two events to popularize across world, Deepotsav and Kumbh. Both events have reached to more than 100 crore people through organic social media. Kumbh reached out to more than 500 crore people across the globe. We managed to get significant amount of organic reach.

One of the biggest strengths of social media is that people can engage in direct dialogue with politicians, civic officials, and even government agencies. The challenge with the government bodies is that it takes time for them to adapt to a rapidly advancing digital world so that they can leverage the changes to their benefit. We had to be very cautious that the social media engagement keeps happening on a positive note.

Social media has the capacity to break a positive image in no time; even one single post (sent with a positive mindset) can bring in negative trolls. We also had to manage the hate comments in a way that mass engagement on social media was not affected and did not tear down the work of the other leaders.

Dataquest: What are the strategies adopted for maximum engagement?

Anuj Sayal: Content is the king. We initiated several innovative content ideas that helped in easily connecting with citizens; a good content can help in virility and trending. With our creative content approach and innovative social media copy ideas, events like Deepotsav and Kumbh, garnered maximum international reach and engagement. Our idea of drone coverage worked wonders for both the events. Moreover, with advance AI-based big data dashboards, we kept a track of all negative comments and reviews coming on social media, along with feedback and alerts that are further shared with respective departments.

Dataquest: What makes you different from the others?

Anuj Sayal: We have our own advanced AI-based big data social media monitoring tools, which gives us insights of what is happening with the account, and accordingly, we change our course of action based on analysis. Innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, with a mix of technology, makes us stand out from the competitors. We successfully accepted the challenge to make the UP chief minister as the No.1 brand among all chief ministers. Yogi Adityanath’s fastest-growing social media reach paid off our hard work.

Dataquest: What are the global events that your team has covered in recent times?

Anuj Sayal: Lately, we worked for large scale events like Global Kumbh, Deepotsav and IFFI Goa. Our prime aim for all the three events was to foster organic global visibly and engagement for them.

With the help of our digital marketing tactics, we secured event presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Youtube. Short videos, innovative creative, live coverage, viral content and images, and trends are some of the activities we conducted successfully.

Dataquest: What is the focus of ADG Online over the next few months?

Anuj Sayal: We have rich experience to manage market accounts and contributed our expertise in 2019 Lok Sabha elections as well. We shall be focusing on both software and social media activities for government accounts and launch products for corporate as well.

We are now preparing ourselves for the upcoming state elections too, to build social media activities for one of the national parties. We showcased our expertise during the 2019 elections, and established ourselves as social media experts for elections.

We are also launching AI-based big data products for ministers and CEOs. Our AI-based dashboards can give all relevant information to decisions makers like CEOs, projects, cash flows, sales projections, inventories, etc., where the minister can see all schemes, activities, grievances, addresses, etc., on single dashboards.

We are planning to ramp up our AI-based HRM solution. Right staff HRM product for employee automation gives all features — from an employee joining to employee retention, motivation, attendance, training, payroll, conveyance, soft loan, etc., all built in one application and used by 12k employees so far. Our IoT-based project management software will be ramped up in the government, as well corporate sector.

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