ZPE Systems Announces ZPE Cloud, Cloud-based Configuration and Management Platform

The ZPE Cloud simplifies branch infrastructure deployment with a variety of key features for remote provisioning and ongoing configuration across multiple locations

ZPE Systems Inc. recently unveiled the ZPE Cloud, the company’s new cloud-based configuration and management platform specifically designed for branch networks. ZPE Systems also announced two new branch infrastructure hardware solutions, the Nodegrid Link SR and the Nodegrid Gate SR, to be released alongside the ZPE Cloud.

The ZPE Cloud simplifies branch infrastructure deployment with a variety of key features for remote provisioning and ongoing configuration across multiple locations. The ZPE Cloud eliminates the need to ship pre-configured devices to the branch.

Arnaldo Zimmermann, CEO of ZPE Systems, said “Not only does the ZPE Cloud provide a secure and consistent deployment management platform for the branch, but it also neutralizes the threat of device theft leading to a backdoor to the network. The beauty of the ZPE Cloud lies in its ability to store configuration and deploy data online, making branch deployment as simple as establishing a connection and applying the proper configuration. The process gets even better with Cloud Zero Touch Provisioning. Power up your branch devices and the ZPE Cloud will auto-provision them for you.”

The Nodegrid Link SR and Nodegrid Gate SR solutions are also the latest in the company’s branch network product portfolio, the Nodegrid SR line, which provides users with the capability to establish a 24×7 remote virtual presence throughout the network. Nodegrid Link SR serves as the link to connectivity within the branch.

Jim Wilson, VP of Sales at ZPE Systems, said: “Link SR is a compact infrastructure management and connectivity solution that can be placed in an optimal location for connectivity. Link SR can be powered via PoE and combines routing capabilities via cellular and Wi-Fi to link your branch location to the Internet. Link SR can be the first device deployed in your branch environment, and, when paired with the ZPE Cloud, can get your entire branch location up and running, regardless of the vendors you choose.”

Nodegrid Gate SR extends ZPE’s data center expertise and innovation to the branch, providing the agility and performance that the modern branch requires. Zimmermann said, “Gate SR addresses modern branch needs with a fully functional network gateway, with network function virtualization, multiple connectivity failover methods (including cellular with dual SIM support), smart environmental monitoring, actionable data, and IoT/M2M application support.”

Nodegrid Gate SR brings additional flexibility to the branch with a truly converged infrastructure management solution. Provide power to cameras, IP phones, access points and more via the PoE+ ports and run their Guest OS, Docker or Kubernetes applications directly on the Gate SR. Environmental sensors, door alarms and more can be connected to the GPIO ports as well, and combined with Nodegrid’s automation tools, end users can collect and act upon sensor data to maximize uptime and alleviate issues before they arise.

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