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Zoom Communications announced Zoom Rooms to support the anywhere workforce

Zoom Communications says that with Zoom Rooms, organizations can re-enter the office safely and support their hybrid workforces

Zoom Communications recently hosted the Zoom Rooms Experience Day at Aloft, Aerocity Gurgaon. The live walkthrough experience demonstrated the use of Zoom Rooms, Zoom’s software-based room system that features a range of innovations, and solutions from the company’s hardware partners, that are designed to support the anywhere workforce. With an aim to bring video collaboration into any space, the solutions have been designed to elevate employee and customer engagement for organisations of all sizes and industries, says the company.

““Enhancing employee and customer experience has become a top priority for businesses as employees want flexibility and are embracing more places as workspaces, and customers are seeking engaging and richer experiences. Organizations are rethinking their workspaces to redefine a successful remote, hybrid, or co-located workforce model,” said Sameer Raje, general manager and head, India and SAARC, Zoom.

Highlights of Zoom Rooms

  • Zoom Whiteboard: A digital canvas for real-time, and asynchronous collaboration for the Zoom Meeting Client, in Zoom Rooms for Touch spaces, replicating the physical experience of using a whiteboard.
  • Smart Gallery: Leverages AI to create individual video feeds of in-room participants, so they’re viewed clearly and equally by remote employees, creating a more inclusive hybrid work experience.
  • Zoom Room Controller: A feature that allows users to start, stop and control Zoom Rooms meetings from their paired personal mobile devices, eliminating the need to come into contact with high-touch points. 
  • Workspace Reservation: A feature that enables users to book meeting spaces using an interactive map whether they are on-site or remote and gives organizations the flexibility they need to support the modern workforce.

“With Zoom Rooms, organizations can re-enter the office safely and support their hybrid workforces. Innovative features like Workspace Reservation, Virtual Receptionist, Smart Gallery and Zoom Whiteboard empower happy and connected teams to stay productive, as well as enhance equity and inclusion in the meeting experience, regardless of where they are. Zoom Rooms can also be utilized to elevate the customer experience across industries including education and BFSI sectors. We remain committed to helping organizations in India support their workforce and their customers by delivering a frictionless and secure communications experience with Zoom’s platform,” added Raje.

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