Zinnov to host the first ever ‘Talent Symposium’ for the US based Indian expat

Zinnov released its latest report which highlights how the Indian growth story and a new stable government have opened up attractive avenues for foreign investments. Indian expatriates are relocating back to India and are looking out for challenging opportunities. Capability in India is skewed towards engineering delivery skills and there has been constant growth in the demand for product conceptualization and system architecture skills.

To channelize high value talent, Zinnov plans to host the first ever ‘Talent Symposium’ for the US based Indian expat community on March 12th, 2015 at Santa Clara, California.

Key take away during this event will be:

  • Insights on Technology and Innovation Landscape in India
  • Opportunities for Indian US expatriates to move back to India
  • Role technology can play in solving India’s social challenges
  • Understand from senior leadership of top MNCs with presence in India on how they are contributing to the local eco-system
  • Understand how the start-up eco-system is rapidly growing.
  • Interaction and networking with ecosystem influencers
  • Networking opportunity with Industry peers

With the advent of the new government, India is seeing a second wave of R&D revolution, capitalizing on a thriving ecosystem. India produces a significant number of fresh engineers amounting to ~750,000; thus filling up the bottom of the pyramid. Demand for newer skills in areas such as IOT, SMAC, analytics, graphene etc. has been on a rise. Lately, companies are hiring executives from foreign locations across industries to benefit from their experience, knowledge & leadership skills.

The United States remains the top destination for Indians moving abroad to seek employment. Our research indicates that there is a talent pool of about 80,000 people who may be inclined to return to India to advance their careers.  Our research also shows that Indian Expatriates ranked increased opportunities in their home country the most important driver for them to relocate to India followed by increased visibility within the organization and challenging work profiles.

There has been a significant rise of about 10-15 % in 2015, in the number expats working across India as compared to 2014. These expats bring with them a wide range of skills to bridge the knowledge gap at India R&D centres. The San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Seattle are hotspots for Indian Expatriates with significant domain expertise in the Technology sector. In India, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad are expected to be the largest catchment areas for returning talent on account of their strong R&D ecosystem

Zinnov with over 125+ customers across India R&D centres has 20+ connections with VCs/PEs.  The company’s wide focus on industry verticals gives it an edge to tap into the returning talent pool and guide them to fulfil the requirements of our partners across India R&D centres.

According to Nitika Goel, Director, Zinnov Management Consulting “India lacks critical skills required to take big technology bets like system architects and product managers. Through ‘Talent Symposium 2015’ we aim to channelize high value talent in India. Modi’s 5 growth levers which revolve around Digital India, promise to reach 172K installed talent in Product Engineering Services (PES) divisions of service providers with 4000+ tech start-ups and over ~USD 100 billion domestic IT market by 2020.”