Zendesk and Fabric bring customer service to mobile app development

New Update

Zendesk announced the launch of the Zendesk kit on Fabric, designed so companies can build personalized customer support and self-service into any mobile app. The Zendesk kit allows thousands of developers to install Zendesk Support in a matter of minutes so companies can provide in-app support, without their customers ever leaving their mobile app. Zendesk’s kit is the first customer service kit available on Fabric.


In-app customer support can be a daunting task that falls to the bottom of the priority list for many companies. According to IDC, the CRM applications market is forecast to reach a staggering $44.2bn by 2020. With the proliferation of apps and mobile devices today, customers expect to get help in the context of what they’re doing — whether ordering food on a mobile app, playing a game, or buying something on their smartphone. Service and engagement need to be embedded everywhere for the best customer support experience.

“Customers demand an intuitive and quick support experience on every channel, and brands that don’t provide it will be at a disadvantage,” said Sam Boonin, Vice President of Product Strategy at Zendesk. “Our kit on Fabric places Zendesk technology in the hands of more developers so companies can provide a better mobile experience with great support channels and, ultimately, develop better relationships with their customers.”

The Zendesk kit on Fabric allows companies to offer great in-app experiences for their users with far less development time. Zendesk Support functionality includes contact forms and self-service functionality, and is offered alongside other Fabric kits like Crashlytics, Stripe, and more.

For customer service agents, Zendesk provides more context to quickly and efficiently resolve support issues faster. For example, when an agent receives a request, they will know information such as what customer service channel the customer is on, former inquiries, type of account, and the version of the app are they using.

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