Zang Office Delivers a Lifesaver to Marine Rescue Technologies Customer Support

Reliability is the Number One requirement for systems or devices used to keep people safe or rescue them from dangerous situations. For Marine Rescue Technologies (MRT), which provides marine safety equipment approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and other international organizations, reliability was also the Number One requirement driving the company to Zang Office for their cloud-based telephony system.

 MRT works closely with each of its marine and energy sector customers to develop customized solutions that exceed local safety requirements, such as man overboard alerts, alarms, locators and retrieval systems. This close collaboration as well as customer satisfaction was at risk, however, when MRT’s previous cloud-based communications system routinely made the wrong connections and lacked the ability to transfer customers to the right one. Despite hours spent with the legacy system’s customer support, MRT still had a solution that didn’t meet its needs.

 Much like MRT’s customers, the company needed a dependable system supported by a knowledgeable and efficient vendor, which led its founder to Zang, an Avaya company that offers cloud-based communications technology. Now, Zang Office provides MRT with all their telephony needs including a virtual receptionist to answer and direct calls to the right team member and the ability to make and receive work calls from anywhere on their mobile phones using their work phone number. The Zang Office Mobile App differentiates between work-related calls and personal ones.

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