Yubi announces launch of India’s first fixed income platform – Yubi Invest

Yubi says the platform seeks to democratise fixed-income securities and ensure last-mile benefits by taking them to retail investors across the country

Yubi announced the launch of India’s first fixed income platform – Yubi Invest, designed for wealth management firms and financial advisors. The platform simplifies fixed-income transactions in a unified and streamlined manner for better investor experience. The platform allows users to onboard themselves, add their team members and customers with ease. They will be able to discover the most diverse set of fixed-income instruments that cover a wide range of industries and ratings. The investor can even customise these based on their preferences. Additionally, wealth managers and advisors can access several bond options, make real-time offers for issuances of interest, make allocations, and track all investments made, securely and transparently. 

Commenting on the platform launch, Moulik Patel, Chief Business Officer of Yubi Invest, said, “The current economic climate has provided headwinds to bolster fixed income securities. With SEBI reducing the face value of privately placed debt securities to Rs 1 Lakh and encouraging retail participation, this sector is on the verge of a necessary revolution. To further strengthen and enable this mission, we have introduced a one-of-a-kind platform that allows wealth management firms and financial advisors to bring the power of fixed income to the larger investor community.”

Yubi Invest will be the first-of-its-kind platform in the Indian market, creating a new category with a user-friendly UX yet sophisticated design for improved efficiency and speed. By eliminating manual credit decision making and other operational aspects, the platform will deliver a superior customer experience, ultimately enabling users and investors to grow. 

Gaurav Kumar, founder and CEO of Yubi, said, “India is at the cusp of the deepening of the fixed income market. At Yubi, we believe that wealth partners and financial advisors will be key players in establishing the last-mile benefit of fixed income by taking it to retail investors across the country. We believe that over the next three to four years, fixed income assets, traditionally limited to large national players, will become more democratised by empowering the wealth partner and financial advisor ecosystem to offer a seamless experience for investors. This is a first step towards making fixed income securities truly democratised, and is an important element in enhancing financial inclusion and building a healthy fixed income market in India”. 

The Yubi Invest platform places due diligence and credibility front and centre by providing data and ensuring that the end investor’s trust is secured. Furthermore, it is uncompromising in its data protection mechanisms and offers quality execution at speed through intuitive automation and providing tech-proof documentation. 

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