YouTube Playables is Rolling Out for Premium Subscribers

Google has introduced an exciting feature called YouTube Playables, as a bold move to enhance the YouTube experience.

Punam Singh
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YouTube Playables

Google has introduced an exciting feature called YouTube Playables, as a bold move to enhance the YouTube experience. This feature is aimed to seamlessly integrate gaming into the popular video streaming platform. This innovative addition allows users to enjoy a variety of games directly on YouTube which eliminates the need for additional installations or separate apps.


Presently, this feature is exclusively available for YouTube premium subscribers which showcases Google’s commitment to diversify its audience and make YouTube an even more engaging product for its users.

YouTube Playables is responsible for revolutionizing the way users interact with games by offering instant access to a range of titles while avoiding the hassle of downloading apps.

This feature not only saves users from cluttering their personal devices with unnecessary applications but also keeps them more immersed in the ecosystem of the platform.


As this feature is currently in its testing phase, they are bringing easily shareable games to the platform. Some of the initial games available for testing are titled Angry Birds: Showdown, Brain Out, Daily Crossword, Scooter Extreme, and Cannon Balls 3D.

How to access YouTube Playables?

The YouTube Playable can be accessed by following simple steps by premium subscribers.

  1. Open the YouTube app and navigate to the profile section.
  2. Look for the "Your Premium Benefits" section and click it.
  3. Tap on "Try experimental new features."

Once a user completes these steps they will gain access to the new games section on YouTube that allows them to explore and enjoy the Playables feature. The feature is gradually rolling out and should reach all eligible users in the coming weeks through their mobile apps on both Android and iOS operating systems.

The Playables is currently in its experimental phase, with Google conducting tests until 28th March. While the date of complete rollout is still unspecified it is suggested that the stable version of Playables may be available after 2024. As of now, participation in the testing phase is exclusively extended to YouTube premium subscribers.