YouTube has been extremely strong about copyright

DQI Bureau
New Update

With a good number of users already enjoying the international site, how

is the local site ( different?

In the last couple of years, we have seen tremendous growth of YouTube in

India. People from all walks of life have been using YouTube and it is further

gaining popularity.


Essentially, we have provided an Indian lens on the global content of YouTube.

So, whatever video you find on, will also be available on We havent built any boundaries; instead, we have made it easier

for Indian users to find content relevant to them. The homepage would have more

Indian videos; ads would target more Indian users, etc. YouTube is all about

content, and we want to showcase the best of Indian content on the new site.

This is our #1 priority.

Is going to be the default site for Indians?

We are not auto redirecting to yet. The goal for YouTube India

is not to force people to use it, rather it is a choice for those who find

Indian content more relevant. Later on we plan to add a personalized your page

option as well, similar to that of iGoogle.


Most online sites have video streaming, podcasting, and even uploading

options? Does YouTube see this as a deterrent?

Consumers do have a choice and we appreciate the fact that there are so many

options in video streaming available today. Our mission is to, first, make sure

that the user experience is unparallel; second, the quality of content is great;

and third, to provide a choice as YouTube has the largest video library in the

world. Here, you find a global audience that you cannot get on any other video

streaming site. Through YouTube, you get to showcase your content to a global

audience, and not just your small group of known users.

How much of the content on YouTube is restricted or pirated?

Since day one, YouTube has been extremely strong about copyright protection.

Whether you are a big banner production house or on the road, if you have

created a video, we believe it is your content. So our goal is to provide

technology that helps you both provide and protect your content.

Shikha Das