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Xvidia Embraces AI based Real-time Cognitive Video Surveillance

Xvidia Technologies introduces its next-generation intelligent video security platform. Leveraging its expertise in cloud based video streaming, smart devices and artificial intelligence, video security infrastructure will become more effective. It will help law enforcement agencies do advanced video search in no time as against the traditional methodology of conducting post-facto analysis by retrieving, old, outdated, stored huge video files.

The video security industry is at the cusp of rapid technology change. There is a shift from legacy, on-premise, standalone, reactive systems to a smarter cloud based, real time and pro-active system. Security concerns are high in the minds of Government, Businesses and Homes across the world. There is a big Government push in India for smart lighting, city surveillance and traffic monitoring under the Smart City initiative. As per IHS, the video surveillance market is expected to reach 2.4B$ by 2020.

Speaking on the occasion, Vikas Kumar, CRO, Xvidia Technologies says, “Lack of centralized online intelligence makes it difficult to prevent an untoward incident happening or about to happen. It may be security to home, corporate or a city. It’s critical to secure a physical area with edge and cloud based analytics to provide real-time, proactive and pre-emptive alerts to prevent a crime or an accident to happen. With a soaring need, for intelligent video solutions, we are working towards expanding our direct sales as well as pan-India partnerships to grow the business.”

Xvidia Technologies helps customers achieve optimal value from their video surveillance networks by automating video analysis to detect and set alerts as per needs. Expedited search in recorded videos, extracting statistical data from the footage captured by surveillance cameras leads to easier and quicker comprehension. Xvidia’s open architecture and video analytics solutions includes software application for on-premise or cloud-based deployments. Existing CCTV systems (often multi-vendor) can be connected Xvidia’s platform to bring in advancements in surveillance systems.

Building on its patented software architecture, advanced computerized vision and deep learning algorithms, and years of experience in software development for large scale surveillance deployments, Xvidia has deployments across multiple industries.

With a robust expansion program for the Indian subcontinent, Xvidia plans to create a pan-India network of businesses who can leverage the Xvidia engine optimally.

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